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The K-Fresh Gambit: Deadly and Sound

The K-Fresh Gambit: Deadly and Sound

May 7, 2016, 6:45 PM 2

 As a mere 1650-something, I'll admit that there are a lot of gaps in my chess knowledge. However, I am thoroughly convinced that this is the strongest gambit ever. I've devised a gambit, and played it winning almost every time even against stronger players. It works with any time control, from rapid to bullet to turn-based online play. I've done all the research myself, even finding multiple crushing traps, yet I'll admit more work must be done.  

Black forces White into a gambit line, as White now has no immediate way to regain the pawn. This is the K-Fresh Gambit, rich in traps and a blitzkrieg of destruction on the kingside. The similarity to the Danish is apparent, but this line is far more potent. 
The similarity to the danish is in obvious, however, in the K-Fresh, Black is handed various huge difficulties. The most obvious is the development of white's pieces. White now has a knight developed and is ready to castle in one move. At least in many variations of the Danish or Scotch, Black has his Queen's knight developed. Another is the pawn on c4. This is detrimental to Black.  Unlike in the Danish, it blocks in his king's bishop, delaying castling, usually until it's too late. The weakness of f7 is far too much for Black to cope with. Black's problems don't end there. The most respected reply to the Danish is the Schlecter Defense, shown below.
In this position, White may think he has a tactic, but I'm sure you saw the refutation.
The problem with Black in the K-Fresh is that he can't play d5 because of the following:
The traps don't stop there. Even if not fully accepted, the gambit has a number of instant-kill lines. Here's yet another devastating trap.
Other then the traps, Black will have a very rough time defending f7, And white should be Contemplating Queen moves such as Qb3 or Qd5. Black's KB is blocked in, so he won't be castling for a while, and his knight will be harrassed if it comes to f6 by the e-pawn; even a fried-liver-esque knight move by white is on the cards, though more research must be completed.
Here's a game I played that transposed into the gambit, though not fully accepted:

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