The Kings Gambit

Feb 21, 2012, 1:29 PM |

For my second blog post I would like to examine the King's Gambit. This is a classic attack in the king pawn opening, and would be helpful for you to know. Even if you understand it all ready please read this to gain an even greater understanding of this interesting attack. The referenced the following set of moves from a book entitled The Complete Chess Course by Fred Reinfeld. It is a great book, and I encourage you to read it.   As always, please feel free to share any opinions. Enjoy.


The King's Gambit

   White     Black            White     Black                      White          Black

1. P-K4      P-K4           2. P-KB4    PxP

3. N-KB4         P-KN4    

4. B-B4           B-N2          

5. 0-0            P-Q3

6. P-Q4          P-KR3

7. P-B3  



(Position after 2. PxP.)




   White         Black

8. P-KN3        B-R6

This is an example of how the King's Gambit works.


(Position after 7. N-QB3.)