2011 Winter Open

Feb 13, 2011, 11:45 AM |

Febuary 12th i went to the 2011 Souix Falls Winter open. i sat down at table 69 in the white spot and they said go. i started the timer made my move and waited. My oppenent hadn't showed up yet, 30 minutes later, she still wasnt there luckly so i won the first round.

Round 2 came and i played a 4th grader from my school that i sorta knew, Max D., I was at the same table and i was still white, so we started, this kid had just started chess so he was an easy win for me, i took his queen within the first 10 moves, i know what your thinking, Taylor! hes a 4th grader!, well, my thoughts were he came to this tourney knowing he might loose, i took all of his pieces and ended the game this my rook at D7 and queen at B8 and his king at G8. He didnt complain, we said good game and went one.

Round 3. I forgot what table i was on, but anyways i was black, this kid was about ehh 3rd grade maybe and he was very talkative, he was telling me how it was his first tourney he had won his first 2 games he was siked to play round 3! so we started he was okay, but not quite as good as i. i got him in a check mate he couldnt prevent. the power pieces of his i had was his bishops a knight his queen and a rook. during the middle of our game i got his queen(YAY!) he had this sad/mad/pitty face on, i think he was trying to make me feel bad, i kept playing, at the end i told him i had lost every single game my first tourney and that he was good at chess.  -- After that his brother caught me, "HEY TAYLOR" he yelled, i turn around and i see no one i know and then he catches my attention and says hey u just beat my brother good job! and i say okay and then explpain to him that he almost started crying, his brother then said "Yeah, He gets emotional alot.." THAT was funny!

Round 4 i am sitting at the 'winners table'i am black, Eric was his name. Eric was really eally cool. we talked before we played, he was really nice, anyway the game started, he. was. good! i cant exactly remember the game but what i mostly remember, it was a battle for me. after about 13 minutes i had a rook both knights and a bishop (i cant remember if i had his queen :/ sorry) then he said out loud 'you are really good taylor..' i said thank you because no one has ever said that to me before :] i was quite happy. then i ended up winning. we talked throughout the rest of the tourney

Round 5. i played a girl from Pierre Linsey T., i had played her at the Castlewood Scholastic back in november. i lost! but this time i was determinded.  she was ehh okay but i won against her, it was a stuggle at first but then i  got confident. (thank god) i was 5 and 0

Round 6!!! me and Destiny have played eachother on Chess.com all the time! she is really good so i was happy to play her for the 1st place trophy. The game started i was kinda nervous  at first, after awhile it sunk it that i was doing okay. there was aobut 2 or 3 situations where i could have got her queen, but if i would have done that then my queen would have gotton taken. I knew i needed that to beat her. so i did not take the trade. then came the torture. after a couple stupid moves. i was doomed. i soon only had a knight king and 5 pawns. i knew i was going to loose. so I resigned... Today i realize 2 things, i needed to take her queen to win, i could have fought for a stalemate. Oh well..

I ended up getting 3rd in that tourney yesterday. i am satisfied with it :] Destiny got1st place. I hope everyone is as proud as i was :]