Post Game Analysis vs Guest479389

Aug 11, 2010, 12:11 PM |

Sorry guys, as you've well known it has been a long time since I have made a YouTube video. Well I am about to change that today. I finally bring you guys the post game analysis that I have promised. I have used a different software and this new software is Rybka Aquarium. In this game I had the Black peices and my opponent was White. I chose to get into the Sicilian with this game and my opponent chose to go with the Alapin variation.

If you are going to be commenting on a certain position please tell me the position you are referring to. Also be sure to include the move order and include brackets for certain variation. This makes it a lot easier for both you, me, and the viewers to comprehend. Thank you and enjoy the video!

Now we move in to the second part

Now the final part


So those were the YouTube videos of the post game analysis. But we aren't quite finished yet. Here is the full analyzed PGN of the game. It shows many different variations about how the game could have gone to, and it also shows some other games that were played in the familiar position to the game.