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The Blakenators ~ Training Programme:

The Blakenators ~ Training Programme:

Mar 7, 2009, 2:57 AM 1

(Help us help you): With the recent request from our members about improving there game, The Blakenators is now looking into a team Training Programme, which already has high rated members posting there games and providing advice to the weaker player, also openings and puzzles etc.

    We would like to recieve help, advice or anything that may benefit our members, so if there is a player out there which believes they know something, or can offer something that may benefit the Team, Please feel free to post me a private message...


     If you are interested in this please leave a message for me and i will get back to you, also if you are interested in our Teams Training Programme and you are not a member of our great Team, please follow the link below, have a browse and feel free to join if you wish...



          Thanks very much, Daniel, (The Blakenators). 

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