A very disappointing daily puzzle

May 1, 2010, 1:35 PM |

    Todays disappointing puzzle

  This really wasn't the greatest problem I've done. I found some moves intuitively, and it does point out the difficulty of mating the lone black king whilst fending off rook checks and other counterplay, but the fact that it doesn't continue to checkmate ruins the problem, and like what robvivi22 said, it pretty much makes it a waste of time.

  I think what this problem is missing, that makes other problems fun and intriguing is, to reference the book, "The Immortal Game", are moves where 'intuition and expectation are confounded, and ... reality flips upside down...'.

  Excuse me while I offer a nice counter-point to todays puzzle problem... 

 This position is from one of the original chess books, dated circa 840 AD, by one of the original masters of one of the original incarnations of chess, Shatranj. My quote and this problem appear on the same page of, "The Immortal Game", by David Shenk. A very good read for those who cannot get enough chess and its history.

  The pieces shown move exactly as they do in modern chess, (save the pawns, but these are blocked in our position) and its white to move. Were it blacks move, white could resign in view of 1...Rdg7#. Luckily its whites move, and here we have mate in 3.

  A timeless and elegant puzzle, if I do say so myself.