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Profanity has no place on Chess.com

Profanity has no place on Chess.com

Mar 1, 2012, 3:09 PM 3

I was playing a chess game against a person and the game was going fine ( i was actually winning.) At one point i made a queen sacrafice knowing i would make up for it. The person then gave up their queen on accident blaming a "glitch." I mean it most certainly could have been a glitch, but i wasn't really willing to count on it.  He then decided to offer a draw which I kindly declined. The person then continued to comment with abusive, yet annoying profanity. I don't know about you, but when people are mean to me it brings down my morale; making me not play as well. So I ended up just wanting to at least try and win which pretty much failed ( no laughing) so i resigned. I mean this post isn't about how i lost just because of profanity, which btw i didn't respond badly, it's that sometimes you need to know who you are telling to "go f*** their mom". Maybe they are a thirteen year old who just wants to play chess when you are like 45. So remember next time you play someone just be nice and friendly, I mean you dont have to, but i think it would be a good rule of thumb to keep Chess.com clear of profanity. 

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