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Mar 16, 2016, 7:20 AM 2

So many years passed since my last league OTB game, then draw against (then CM) and now FM Damir Kljako. 

I recently joined the local club "AER" and we played our first match this year in 5th Croatian Chess League. Due to the long absence from tournaments, my rating was over years reset to national rating entry: 1600.

Eventually, I gained 60 rating points on my first returning tournament in Zadar, the one preceding this league match. My opponent is rated nationally at 1990, which I did not know nor worry about. So, the game is here. I played white and eventually won after more than 4 hours lasting game, played at 90'+30" tempo.

The included game notation shows only first 43 moves, but at that point, the game was already decided. Actual game was continued to move 77 where my opponent eventually flagged.

I intentionally left my comments out, so please feel free to comment here. 

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