Cool Art and Chess Weekend

Cool Art and Chess Weekend

Sep 30, 2015, 5:32 AM |

First autumn days kind of cut warm and sunny weather here in Zagreb and brought boring rain, northern wind and cold. Nothing to enjoy much. So, opening my and friend's latest photo exxhibition "Hunting The Light - Nature Dreams" seemed to pass unnoticed at rainy Friday in local chess club "Aer". But, I didn't count on such interest of fellow chess players for that particular weekend blitz tournament, and the club got very crowded! So, combining two events, chess tournament and photo expo did function very well this time. As a surprise, we added third kind of art - music. Club (and member Darijan Misak played a couple of tunes raising the impression of the joint event! 

This time, GM Bogdan Lalic (in b/w image above) joined the tournament and won it, with 8.5 (9), followed by CM Damir Mravunac and young tallent Leon Starcevic, both performing scoring 7 points.

Next day I decided to join a couple of "Chess Park Kings" - fellow players not participating in tournaments, but playing everywhere elese, even at hot summer days in local park. The practice (5 minute blitz, main photo) games were a bit wild, and this time local hero was an 73 years young gentleman, Mr. Kesser, very fast, accurate, self confident and fierce opponent, his playing strength no less than one of CM or 2100 class. 

So, finally the first big autumn Sunday open blitz came. 72 players gathered to chase individual and team scores at Dubrava Culture Centre. A lot of FM-s, NM-s, CM-s, I category players - almost half the draw. 

CM Damir Mravunac (portrayed in actual game) was in good shape again, scoring 7.5 (9) and winning the 1st place over CM Robert Soldo, due to better Bucholtz tie break. Third place went to FM Damir Samovojska. 

And me? It was my day, my weekend! So I collected decent 5.5 (9), dividing 16th to 21st place, landing at 21st place due to Bucholtz - from 72 players! Quite nice way to close the weekend! 

So, as the next weekend approaches, the tension rises again while tournaments in Aer (10') and Dubrava (7' + 3") are in sight. But first, I hope to get some more training with Mr. Kesser and "Chess Park Kings"! 

And how about you, my fellow friends? Shall you stay at home, watching your favorite TV show or go to your local club and hit some blitz games?!