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Light The Art

Light The Art

Nov 12, 2015, 7:03 AM 0
Light The Art
The long awaited day finally came on Nov 5th 2015! Twentyfour TopLighthunters opened their second international photo exhibition: Light The Art, in memory of our late co-founder Jadranka. Simply said, a night to remember, full of art, memories, emotions... unique!
KGZ (Zagreb Municipal Libraries) Library Dugave gave the warm hospitality and welcome to participating authors and included the project as an official event into Croatian Book' Month program, reading and arts festival that traditionally takes place from October 15th to November 15th.
Ms. Pavel Vrbanc of Dugave Library took the exhibition setup and hosting. Barbara Bračun read her poetry, accompanied by Darijan Mišak (chess.com member: givemeareason) on guitar, followed by their spontaneous music duo performance, very exciting and memorable moment of my life! 
Exhibition shall remain open four weeks, until December 3rd and let me wish warm welcome to you, in the name of all participating authors and our generous host HGZ Dugave Library, Zagreb, Croatia! 

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