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Off the record

Off the record

Sep 19, 2015, 2:58 AM 2

Dear chess friends! 

This year, when recovering from close personal loss, my life has changed in such way that my chess play here consequentially deteriorated in focus and performance. So, after finishing many open games, I decided to play only the official team matches and even not all of them, in fact ver few. I did not want to hurt many of my friends and our teams here by misperforming in this beutiful game and losing like a GrandPatzer.

Now, even while my play still slips out of focus, I feel that there's a new strength in me, allowing me to return slowly "into service" to the teams which I am member.

So, I shall gradually take place in friendly matches, letting the number of games in progress vary between 10 and 15. I thank all members and admins for patience! I'll do my best to play solid chess upon joining any particular match! 

Kind regards, my dear folks! 

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