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Jun 2, 2016, 8:53 AM 0


Playing chess is cool! Playing chess here on chess.com is even more fun! And doing so, with your pet sitting next to you is even more fun! And pets are cool photo models, too! And they'll do anything to give you a hard time in taking pictures of them! So, how about taking out anything that looks like and works like a camera and joining the latest PhotoMondial contest?

No entry fee. No profit for organizer (me and my team). Just fun. And your chance to get your pet photo printed in large exhibition format - the great memory for great achievement. 

Check for the simple rules here... 


... and join at link in the article (leads to contest Facebook page)!

Oh, yes... After you done with photo contest stuff, don't forget to return here and play your next moves! 

Pets rule... at least these days! :)

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