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Time for photography

Time for photography

May 14, 2016, 12:36 PM 0

Life is not only chess. Many of us live hundreds and thowsands of miles away from our (chess) friends and family members. So, like so many people before us, we have to travel less or more frequently. Be this travelling just short commuting or long distance, it is quite possible that we may get along on some natural barrier, like river or deep valley. To pass them over, people build bridges and viaducts - for ages... 

And photographers? They (we) just love to take pictures or do serious photography of such structures, be it only tiny or grandious.

So, me and my Team at PhotoMondial and Hunting The Light have recently ran a photo contest "Bridges". If you like photography, take a little rest from the chess games to look the selection of twelve most interesting works at: 


Enjoy! Comment here. Put some bridge photos from your travels or neigbourhood along your comments! 


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