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E4 E5 : The open games

E4 E5 : The open games

May 15, 2014, 6:46 AM 7

                                                                                                                                                   E4 E5: The open games



This blog will give you a complete opening repertoire against E4 for BLACK. Over time I will complete this blog with more and more lines for white and black.To answer E4 with E5 is one of the most solid and principal choices you can pick. We will start with the position with the position after e4 e5 in which both sides control one central square:


In this starting position white has a huge choice between the following opening lines:


1:   F4- The Kingsgambit

2:   D4- Danish Gambit or other sorts of gambits( like the scotch gambit)

3:   Nc3- The Vienna Game

4:   Nf3 Nc6 and now: 

                   1.Bb5- Ruy Lopez/Spanish opening

                                      2.Bc4- Italian Game

                                       3.D4-  Scotch Game

                            4.Nc3- 4 Knights Game


In this blog I will cover all this lines. For every line I will first give you some tips and then show you a bit of the opening theory. Afterwards I will sometimes show you a whole game about it to give you an insight into the special ideas in this lines. We will begin with number 1, the Kingsgambit:


1. The Kingsgambit ( f4) :



This is a very sharp opening in which white simply wants to get a huge attack exspecially against unprepared opponents.This is maybe the line in which you have to be the most prepared. I would recommend you to take the pawn on f4. There are two lines after exf4:

1. Nf3 ( main line) :


2. Bc4 (side line) :


Conclusion: The Kingsgambit is an intersting but really not dangerous opening. You should always take the pawn and protect it in the most lines with g5( look at the theory above). If you have the choice to hold the f pawn or the g-pawn, always try to hold the f-pawn.


2. The Danish Gambit and the Scotch Gambit

The Danish Gambit is a very sharp opening so it might be important to know the following lines:

1:Danish Gambit:


2:Scotch Gambit:


Conclusion: As you see the easiest way to play against those gambits is do decline them and get a good and solid position.


3. The Vienna Game (Nc3):

The Vienna Game is a very tricky opening against unprepared opponents. But if you know what to do you will have a very easy life.Just remember to play Nf6 against Nc3. Here is the theory:




Conclusion: The Vienna isnt dangerous if black plays Nf6 and answers f4 with d5. With his bishops on b4 and g4 black can build some pressure against the weak d4 pawn.

Later I will complete this blog with the missing lines. To give you a preview you on my recommendation against the spanish I will show you a very nice game. The opening I am talking about is called the Marshall Gambit:


Thanks for reading this blog and dont forget to comment. Cheers, Till :)

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