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Student´s form !

Apr 30, 2014, 9:00 AM 14

This form is for all students who want to improve their chess. Fill out this short form and send it to me if you want to get training or have questions( Please be honest ;) ). If you dont want to answer one question then you can skip it :)



Personal student form:


Age:              (Fide)Rating:              Chess Club?:                Date:     


Goals: -Do you want to own a Fide title? Which one ( FM, IM, GM...)?

            -Which rating do you want to achieve?

            -What are your personal chess goals?

            -How much time do you want to invest for chess a day/a week?


About you: -What was the biggest success in your chess career?

                   -What is your biggest weakness in chess?


                   -Which openings do you play? Which openings do you

                    like to play the most?

                   -Which opening do you want to learn? Which opening do you want to improve?

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