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Training1: Candidate Moves

Training1: Candidate Moves

Apr 28, 2014, 12:18 PM 5

                          Candidate Moves 

  • This post is about candidates moves and finding plans. This topic is very important because it is needed in every chess game. Here are some tips about finding candidates moves and plans in concrete positions:




Step 1.Understand the position (weaknesses in both players positions, strategical aspects...)




Step 2.Find plans and candidate moves (  3 candidate moves are perfect)




Step 3. Calculate the lines for every candidate move ( tactics and positional understanding is needed-you have to understand whether the position is tactical or strategical)








Here is a example for a strategical position:








The position has a kingsindian structure and is strategical. Here are the 3 steps:



Step 1. Understand the position:


Positional aspects for white: Only pawn break/plan with h5, bad bishop on d3- perspective to get to  h3 and e6 after the move g5, space advantage in the center




Positional aspects for black: No pawn break/ plan ( b5 is never possible), Bad bishop on g7- no good perspective, space disadvantage,




Step 2. Candidate moves/ plans for white :


Only plan is the pawn break h4-h5!


1. h4


2. g5








Step 3. Calculate the lines for the 3 candidate moves :




1. h4 is answered by blacks move h6 and after h5/g5 black can always close the position with g5/h5! 




3. Bf1 with the idea to bring the bishop to e6 is also answered by h6 and the position is a draw!




2. G5 is the right move ! After it white can improve the bishops position, play h4-h5 and double the rooks!




Here is the position with the lines again:



It also is very important to find the right candidate moves in the position! Here is a example for this:





Hope I could help you with this! Cheers and thx for feedback,              


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