Analysis of Caro-Kann tournament games
Horatio Caro (public domain)

Analysis of Caro-Kann tournament games

Feb 9, 2018, 6:43 AM |
The first game I won, there were a few mistakes on both sides, but my opponent struggled because of a hanging bishop. This is the only game so far I've looked at with the computer.

Here's the second game against the same player, and I'm white. I'm unfamiliar with this version of the Caro-Kann, but I had a good lead in development, and then my opponent blundered. sad.png
In this game I got the upper hand because my opponent developed his pieces poorly and then there was another blunder and the game was won:

Here I won because of too many hanging pieces:

Hanging pieces and seeing ghosts lost me the next game of the tournament:

I made a puzzle for the next game, it's actually a very long mating sequence, but I thought it might be solvable since the moves "felt" intuitive, so don't try to calculate too far. (HINT: If you get stuck try trades and flashy moves):

Same opponent, this time I manage to chase his king into the middle of the board and start a perhaps overly idealistic hunt for a mating sequence. I chose to introduce the position where things started to go wrong but there's still a lot of uncertainty about what's the best move: