A dark star

Apr 2, 2014, 9:25 PM |

I recently. Today! Today I watched Cosmos.

It was pre-recorded on Direct TV. Neil De Grasse Tyson has kind of a long name.

Imagine a star. Now imagine that the star has a homie, or friend. That star's gravitational pull is now pulling the other star. Yet the other star is friggin not there. It is invisible to the naked eye. Yet, it is still there. Maybe like ghosts.Except we are talking science here.

Sure ghosts. In Cosmos Tyson talked about how way back then. Way back where? Way back when some astronomers before Einstein's time were looking at the observable universe. John Mill I think was his name. He had been studying the stars. He told his son who I think's name was John that these stars have pairs. That the one star in this constellation in fact, had a homie. We just could not see it.

Yeah homie. Whatever. Anyway basically this other black duder found the exact science behind that gravitational pull. It turns out that it was a dark star.

What is a dark star? No it isn't the skateboard company. A dark star known then is actually a black hole. A black hole is insane to think about. If you tired to fill a black whole with white paint you could only fill the bottom...never the sides. That being said a black hole is so goddamn fucking cool. If you went into a black hole you could feasibly just friggin go back into time.


Yes, you could. The reason being that light is in a black hole. Therefore, also the universes expansion suggests it is continually expanding. Again, these are theories but they sound really cool. Little did you know I actually love to study physics and science. Even though I blow taters at science. Yes, you can go back in time because there's light. Light has no mass. That is why governing bodies of physics say that nothing travels faster than light. Though, in a black hole the physics that govern our universe might not govern the black hole. Therefore, it could be possible if you survived a black hole (not likely) as you'd kerplode in space. If you did somehow manage to do it, however, you may be able to go to a different universe. The reason being that space and time. Or spacetime can be distorted.

So as there is a black hole in the Milky Way Galaxy. If you took that black hole you could pop out in another galaxy.

Isn't tha fucking mindblowing? Poof! You're in another galaxy and in a different time. Let it sink in real deep. To the point where you question what the hell a black hole is. What the galaxy is? What our known galaxy is?

Ponder and pontificate the glory of life. The universe and it's great beauty. We can find another word for great.




Would you go in a black hole if you could?

Do you watch Cosmos? What have you learned if you watch it?