A mouse's choice

Dec 8, 2013, 8:55 PM |

A mouse decided to not eat cheese. He instead opted for whip cream. Because to this mouse known as Bachaguraski he really had a love of whip cream. Whip cream was used to make his beautiful mousey home. Although one day he wanted to test his worth. There was a golden axe competition most of the mice would participate in. When not participating in mousey competitions . The mice would gather around and drink mouseagrino. Yes, it was  a different variation of Pelligrino but better. Yes! Better! Why, because mice drink this stuff by the gallons. By now the mouse known as the long name decided the golden axe competition was worth it. He noticed that a montage was in order. He trained hard with a silver axe. Brows were now highly drenched in sweat. His mouse T-shirt was a Mighty Mouse T-shirt, his girlfriend Mousetenda had bought for him. For he knew that maybe these winnings could provide for the two. The montage concluded and he still was sweating. Now it was time to cool down and drink a glass of Mouseagrino. As he took a sip of Mouseagrino he realized his girlfriend and him fought. These winnings would help out Bachaguraski. Bachaguraski wanted to do it all. He wanted to please his mouse woman with lavish gifts and jewerly. She loved the Gaffin medallion. The gaffin madelon was oplascent in color but had a dirty white sheen. This made it truly exquisite. He thought of all the lambasting his girlfriend did. He was lambasted for not having a job. Sure MouseCorps. was dire as a company but his role was diminished. His self worth was dropped like overly-old potatoes. But he knew that he was worthy and not worth-less. His life flipped when his mother got startling news. His brother Wonpalonaski was gravely injured in the mole mines. These mines were located in Asgandia. Asgandia was a dangerous place. He knew this and worried for his brother. Although, he wondered if bad omens attacked his family. His brother was as douchey as they came but he didn't deserve this. Again, he thought of a decleration and went with it. He decided the Golden Axe would bring money to his girlfriend but would pay for his bros. treatment. His motives were often clear and this was no different.

He kissed the angel wing. It was a necklace in pure silver. It was a good luck charm of his. He knew that everytime he kissed the angel wing it awakened mystical powers. They weren't powers but fast fortune for Bachaguraski. He put on his angel wing kissed it once more and walked out of his mouse house.

"Ladies and mouses, mouses and thugs, thugs and mice children welcome to the Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games and other stolen movies. This motherfuckers is the time. This is the place. This is the patience and what gets us up in the evenings. This gets us out of the mole mines. This is the Golden Axe Grand Prix -Xtravalatraious adventure. This is for a grand prize of a million yenni. Enough to buy a brand new cart of Mouseagrinio a million times over. Enough to buy that special mousey-sweet-heart a chocolate encrusted diamond. Or enough money to live happily for ever and all mouse-ternity." -said, oddly enough a gigantic cantankerous mole. He had a blue bowler hat on and was very grinny.

Bachaguraski didn't believe in odds. He belived himself and his angel wing. Shing Star Force group L was the heat he was in. In Golden Axe there were three events. A caber like toss for strength. Except they were cheese sticks. A mental book knowledge-o- sorts test, and a lying test. Who the hell knows why the lying test. But as the author points out "thems the breaks."

He trained as hard as a mouse could.

He passed the caber toss. He did this with ease because of his strength montage. He was able to lift cartoons on his back like a turtle lord. He was able to otherwise work very hard with his cartons on his back. Each weighed a decent amount and put strain on his back. The other part was the mental book-o-knowledge. He took the quill pen and deciphered many an annagrams. He was even able to get the blue invisible paint to show up on the cooper scroll. Not Copper like the mountain but Cooper like the tire. The cooper scroll had blue ink and it dripped down the cheese scroll. Cheese cloth stretched across the ancient parchment. But even her he was able to succeed with flying mouse strategies. With full ease he was able to progress to the next part. Eather heat 7 B. He was in the finals. A gutsy mouse named Makoto Mousentine was left. James Mousenquintell was a philosopher mouse. How could he pass a strength test Bachaguraski thought. And a female mouse named Heresey queen mouseskies was left. There were four and the next heat decided all of the Golden Axe. Oh and if you win you get not only cash prizes of yenni but a Golden Axe. Duh!

This was the hardest test of all. Three questions provided three answers. The winner had to lie about one of the answers. Another mole, this time in a black guddati cloak approached a glass podium. He tapped on the podium and asked the first question. "We moles are a very lavish being, but you mice are very crafty. Therefore, if a train leaves for Bosellia at 9m.p.h. what is the best course of action for the train to take?" Here is where the combatants had to think really hard. The train left Bachaguraski thought. It could fall into water, it could stay on the tracks or perhaps it didn't move at all. Bachaguraski blurted an answer. "It stays stationary at 9m.p.h.." He screamed. The mole tilted his gold glasses and said. That is wrong. You lose the first part. Jilted Bachaguraski smacked himself to wake up from the pain. The right answer the mole said is "It falls into the water." Wait, Bachaguraski said, "We have to lie." "So how do you know I didn't mean to say it feel in the water." Bachaguraski said.

Good show kid. Although, everyone got the first question right. Onto the second one said the mole. "Cheddar is a great cheese, queso is average but what cheese do mice not know about?" The answer is in the question the mole shrieked. How was this a great question. It was more of a riddle with cheese. He was a mouse and he ate cheese. He hated queso but he loved cheddar. There was alos grey provologne, cheesaroni-takular. The fat mouse answered "cheesaroni-takular." he said confidently. Wrong the mole said! He erected a finger upwards and told the Mole guards to escort the fat one out. There were three left. Bachaguraski  was still left. The female mouse answered "The answer is softcloaking cheese. It is so secrevtive it can only be opened from an arm diode. With the code 77032." she said with much clarity. Wrong! Said, the mole. But then again how did the Mole know she was lying.

Bachaguraski  gulped and said his answer  ><><><><><><<>"Provolone" is the lie. The other cheese don't fit the question or the riddle. We have a winner of the Golden Axe. It was amazing the crowds screamed louder than Bruce Mouseensteens concerts. Bachaguraski kissed the angel wing and said "This axe is for you whilst pointing out the whip-cream heavns."

He was adorned with a black pearl. This pearl was called a gavnas pearl. It granted the weare eternal happiness. Bachaguraski  was elated with joy and comfort. For he knew that he could bring the money back to the Mouseters and get his brother well.

Bachaguraski visited his brother at the hospital. His brother sustained two broken legs and had a lot of cheese cloth on his body. He was fucked up. He raised two hands and told his brother that he was eternally greatful for what Bachaguraski did. Bachaguraski  showed the golden axe to his brother. They conversed for two-mouse hours. 45 minutes and he left his brother's side. His bro recieved all the treatment necessary and recovered four months later. Meanwhile the golden axe was on his whip cream house mantle. His girlfriend was by his chair. They shared stories about their rocky relationship. The pearl was activated and the mouse had how much he wanted out of life. The passion flowed through him and he aimed for the cars. He aimed for the stars and the angel wing accompanied him in his death. He died at the age of 101. He exceeded everyone's expectation. The golden axe was buried with Bachaguraski. His girlfriend married him and they lived happily until Bachaguraski  suffered a stroke he'd never recover from. On his tombstone it read "A mouse that did it for his brother." For family is the greatest thing in this realm, and whip-cream is the second best. The golden axe that helped his brother and his life."