A potter wheel

Mar 21, 2016, 5:15 PM |

A dark and crusty old man sat down next to a potter wheel.

Here he said elated, "You are my friend Mr. wheel." But there wasn't really anything on the old man's mind except for maybe fishing. He still  had friends like Muriel, Martha, Marta and Mac -D. But he was none to concerned about his life.

Here in Cornicupia Van Brook things were okay. No journey's to be sought but just a man and his potter wheel. He did however love sweets. Sweets of all kinds; danishes, and grapes and grape danishes, cheese danishes, chocolate sparkle danishes. You'd think he was a baker but would be rudely mistaken. 

He didn't remember the last solid job he had. And he wasn't as frail as thought. He was actually very muscular in the upper trapezoidal area. He had large pectorals because he was a smith. Not an ordinary smith but one that was chocolate in complexion but had deep sunkist orange eyes. He would have appeared to be a mix of a dwarf and man but was average at a mediocre 5'9. He needn't worry about the frivolity of life. But there was this really weird boy who would always bug him. The boy very gray looking; approached this man one afternoon. There was  a large downpour. But there wasn't the climate these people lived in was very green b ut there wasn't really any water. Water was long gone. They dealt with a water hybrid. W-tox was what they drank and it always came in magic potion bottles. Blue ones and purple ones and very varied ones as well. But for whatever reason the grey boy came one day to this old smith's village. But he knew what he sought.

The boy normally teased the old man . Calling him Tvothokun. Which meant old fart. The old man was not craggity as most are. And he was very sooty as most smiths are but he did have a golden tooth. And it was pecuilar because this place had no water so where's the means for gold? And what of Martha and Mac D? They communicated in this time by bronze buglers. If you wanted to talk to someone you'd use that.

--The bronze bugler was the only means of communication and sometimes the townsfolk got ancy. Martha one time wanted a pure mushroom pizza. But she forgot what to order because her sister persisted on saying, "Martha order the damn pizza with uh mushrooms, and you really should use the bugler and call up the old smith." Martha kind of disuaded wanted a different topping for the pizza. Frog latties were a type of frog but they were very crunchy. They were extremely posionous so the people must have caught them in a hyper -fex net. A hyper fex net allowed the frog to be zapped and then simaltaneously cut to pieces and stashed in wilton jars. Yes, these were the frog latties. Dangerous creatures they were. Yet, there legs had a crunchy chip sound when you'd eat them on pizza. So yes the townspeople loved their Frog latties. Yum! 

Meanwhile the old man was getting ready to smith a sword. When all a sudden he saw a shadow move in the distance. It was midday and he didn't really mind. The sky was burnt with an orange ominouis sunset.--But something pecuilar happened a bush started moving by its lonesome. The old man peered out from his beaten window and looked down. The gray child was stealing his plant. What the hell was the grey kid's problem? The old man  had sweat on his forehead from a hard days work and here was the grey child pestering him yet again.  

Zwatu, a local fortune teller was a lengthy man. He had always told the old smith that this kid did have  a family, but in absolution one day--the grey kid made up his mind got fed up climbed down their tree and took off. He was from Osiris Village. Zwatu Bhtulua told him more and more about the child. The grey kid was not a prophet but just a scummy kid. Normally, a fortune teller like Zwatu would tell you something about the kid. But he did say the grey kid had all sorts of arrows on his scrawny arms and legs and back of legs. An ancient ink that was no longer found in this time was the ink used for the markings. Zwatu specifically told the old smith that there was a place in India where the kid was inked. Yet, India was not even around anymore . This was too far in the future of 2105 that no India existed. The RIC did exist. The RIC was the Republic of India Construct. It mostly kept everything the Indians held dear. The temples as beautiful as they were still kept in contact. Yet, there were underground vine dwellings and  spider  monkeys still roamed the land. Except, everything was in a bubble. The RIC aimed to keep their religious counterparts. RZAI. The Religious Zealots Arcs Indians at bay. They were not warring but the disagreements got very tumultous. It was here that Zwatu said the markings originated from. He told the old man long ago to seek out the underground tombs in India. Though, he told him the RIC would have to give him permission for exploration. And because the world was very far in the future Gatu worms were a huge pain in the ass. They thrived off of sand scumb. Creatures that were a small cross and genetically spliced in a Thermal experiment. Gross little shits! The splice of a scorpion that was iridated with poison mixed with minotaur features. The Gatu worms would just eat them all. Some were not carniverous at all. Some were vegetarians which feasted off of really weird blue hebrahi plants. Just really blue in color and very blue ...when the worms ate the plants it would help with digestion but make them timid. Though, even with the advancement in technology riding worms was strictly forbidden.The RIC made that deadly clear. The worms were very unstable. Some were made artifcially but the rest just lived very deep in the earthen crust. They did not need air to breathe and only come up when food was available.  Their bodies might have been damn shells. But the worms had no eyes. Because let's face it it is bad enough they're 50 foot.

The RIC told the old smith. But the smith wanted his friends and just to smith . That was his purpose. But now dealing with the grey child was on his mind...