A vent in all the right places

Apr 5, 2016, 11:51 PM |

I am venting today because of a little game I love to call Blacklight Tango. I think there is supposed to be something after that but forget the rest of the name. Anyway, it is a fucking long name

Blacklight Tango has maps that are gargantuan. Maybe not that but they are big. I don't like that. 

Blacklight Tango grinds my gears because of the goddamn rental system. You have to fucking rent guns, helmets, armour. What the shit is that? I thinkt the gameplay is fluid and stellar and the armour pieces are nice.

But renting a fucking gun is like renting a U-Haul. I don't want to lug around an expensive gun I can't afford. Just so I can be cool for 3 days? What the shit? Rental of a gun is the most idiotic microtransaction and should be abolished. It  is absurd to rent an amazing muzzle to put on your amazing rental gun, rental muzzle, rental armour. What the fuck! You might as well play rent the limb. I should rent my arm, or a leg, or an eye. 

This is ludicrous. So I am angry at the game. I hate, hate, hate microtransactions. The made up bullshit money. Just buy the game and call it good. Don't charge me in game bullshit money for an amazing gun. What is worst is you can rent fucking emotions after you're done with the game. Emotions.

Rent THEM. You may as well have me rent the air for about 25.00 an hour at that rate. Hell, you might as well rent the United States. This is just so dumb. Why do this? Are people that eager to buy weapons and kill nubs? Are they that eager to own faces because their shit is so far integrally superior?

I have no idea but the game is fun and that shit drives me up the mother-fucking wall!

Vent done.