...And a more a football

Sep 27, 2015, 9:08 PM |

And a more a football....coming at ya! Why because it is week 3.

The reason being the Broncos today played a talented offense in the Detroit Lions. The Matthew Stafford show was stifled by the stingy defense of Denver. Tipped passes, interceptions and missed timed balls plagued Stafford all game long. Denver contained one of the best recievers in Calvin Johnson, Megatron showed up but Denver held containment by having Aqib Talib line up on Megatron. With that Denver stymied the run game of the Lions. With that out of the way Denver's Defense did not save Denver. Peyton Manning has awoken. If you awaken a beast you best run away. With Manning lined in the pistol he demolished the Lions secondary, hooking up with none other than Owen Daniels. A fellow Houston Texan of the old Kubiak leftovers. Denver ran the football  a couple of times but the pass game came alive with Emmanuel Sanders running the Show.

DT what's up with the drops bro? 4 or so is what it came to.

Very un-DT like.

Denver will face the Vikings and Adrian Peterson's running barrage boys in Invesco Field at Mile High next week.