Blue Dhalia has returned

Mar 10, 2014, 11:24 PM |

 Yes, a lot happened with what I thought was a year.

It turned out it was two years a way from Diablo 3. If you don't remember or I need to catch you up I am down to do so.

Basically, in a very easy nut shell what happened was my Diablo 3 account got hacked and my WOW account also suffered the same fate. A fate that would not destroy my want and need to play both games.

Well last year when this happened I got an authenticator for safety measures. With the authenticator attached I felt just that more goddamn safe.  Therefore, I thought all was well and Blizzard would take the measures to make my account really bad ass again from the evil hackers. Normally, I don't promote hacking but I find it highly intriguing. With this in mind I was super goddamn pissed when my account got hacked to pieces.

Would you not be? I mean sure Diablo 3 had a shaky-ass release.

1) Constantly Online

2) The bull-shit DRM

3) The drops were utter shit.


What happened with this tale?

Well, I'll tell ya. I had a support ticket either for years or not. Basically, I had no idea but two years had gone by. Still I longed for the reach of Diablo 3. I would say touch but that sounds like some horrible harlequin romance novel. Anyway, I wanted and yearned to play Diablo 3. My friends kept saying that it had gotten better. That loot 2.0 was in bound and would change Diablo 3 for the better. Also, what was happening now was Reaper of Souls was on the horizon.

Would it be a good horizon for Blizzard. After horribly mucking up Diablo 3 at release. Sure it is way old news but the story grows on and gets better.

Blizzard yesterday unfroze my account. Sure they needed my driver's license. But they unfroze my WoW account which got hacked God knows how long. For Fuck's sake this almost seemed worse than Duke Nukem Forever and the legend attached to it. That DNF would be vapor ware with the thirteen year ear mark. So now that WOW account was unfrozen and Diablo 3 was finally playable. Thank you Jeebus!

Goddamn, two years when I think about it, nay, ponder it was to goddamn long to not have Diablo 3. Like I said Reaper of Souls is actually releasing in March sometime. Therefore, Blizzard must have figured out the community was getting very angry. Again, the launch was piss poor. I blame some of that on Activision. I don't like those guys. Blizzard seemed to rectify a dissmal drop system and try to make all the gingerbread diabloites and gingerbread diabloiettes happy. 

Loot 2.0 would be that small hope or prayer.

What I noticed when playing Diablo 3 the improved version :

1) Loots are tailored to the class. I play a bitching hunter she is capped lvl 60 and has 18 or 19 paragon points.

2) Paragon points were added to get ready for Reaper of Souls.

Paragon points dictate stats like base stats and are a reward for capping. There's no way to get above 60 aside from buying Reaper of Souls. So they are nice addition.

3) Cain's book was added and portals and scrolls were taking out. Though, now you just have to hit T to open the portal to town.

4) The drops were so good. I had lost two orange items when the account was hacked. A beautiful mask and I believe bracers. Fuck! Well with just 10 minutes of playing I was able to re-gear. I now hit for 80 K in expert.

5) Inferno was no longer a difficulty. The new difficulties are normal, hard ,expert, master and torment.

6) 50% experience points for the release of Reaper of Souls.

Goddamn, if I am not relieved about having both accounts unfrozen. Sure there was weight on my shoulders from it. Atlas I am not your friend as I have flung off that big-gigantic globe on my back and launched it in the sea.

Fuck you globe!

I am so friggin happy I can play once again. Yes, as I mentioned I am a hunter lvl 60 capped and am enjoying life. She is beautiful she adorns a gold breastplate. She has pink angel wings. Her feet resemble chicken feet but are emblazoned in gold. She has a bow that deals punishing damage of 1208 per hit. And her mask makes her look like an aggressive warthog. Her name is the Blue Dahlia and I love her so.

I am happy Blue is back.

Now it's time to fuck up demons and kill Diablo again and again. My fervor for Diablo 3 has returned. My vivacity for the whole game is with me.