Nov 18, 2013, 12:47 AM |

Recently I was eating some Rasin Bran and blueberries.

When I came to the realization that blueberries are neat. Not just neat but they are really cool.

I wondered and pondered who in their right mind thought it a good idear to eat blueberries. How did they know that poison didn't come from these berries? Sure, it was a question that probably a lot of people asked but I wanted to go further.

I mean how did they know a potatoe would taste fucking good? And for that matter how'd they come up with potatoe. They is ambiguous so let's try another word. The people that founded the food and or berry. Blueberries are a goddamn healthy option to eat. I mean just look at what they can do. 
For some reason my fascination with the blue to the berry is at hand. It hangs over me because of the curiousity behind the berry.

Blueberry sounds very simple and it is. Except, how did a blueberry picker know that picking it was not going to cause a blue outbreak. Ya know' turn into a blue monster among the other swamp monsters. Maybe not swamp monsters but for sure blue monsters. For that matter and onto another one. They are blueberries because of their color but the people could have called them 'round ones.'

They make sense I suppose. They are delicious and expunge free radicals from thine body. What the fuck is a free radical? Free radicals are bad stuff from outside sources. They can be harmful to the body and blueberries snuff them out like a dog snuffing around for foodskies. No but really they take away stuff that causes cancer. Not so much stuff but bad stuff that leads to cancer. Goddamnit! Stuff, things I am not here to be ambiguous. All though, once I had this cousin Fred.

Wait, yes! I didn't want to doze off like I know most people are. How can you listen to a raving fucking lunatic harp on blueberries? Well, you can if you're reading this and got to this--Part.Whoops I dozed off.

Ergo, blueberries are a kick-ass super fruit that will kick free radicals asses! Aw yeah! Boi!

My fingers are exhausted from talking about the blueberry.

Did you know I really enjoy raspberries? The same argument can be made about those prickly bastards. Blueberries aren't really cousins to blueberries are they? Blueberries find their ways into pancakes and make delicium.

Oooooh! Was there a dude with a harpoon and threw it at the berries. Or was it like a traditional picker with a Goldy Lox basket?

Either way this super fruit is amazing and delicious and highly nutrious.
Go buy some damn blueberries!

Or ya can a harpoon.