Dance! Just do it!

Mar 4, 2012, 1:57 AM |

Did you ever think of chess as a dance? One piece moves and the other acts in response. Well, I didn't until I saw a beautiful performance at my university.

Now the university in question is not of importance. But what is important is to understand what is next.

Do chess pieces dance elegantly in the moonlit night? Or do they just stumble to a square per users decision?

When I saw this brilliant dance entitled "The Unknown Exposed" I was just in awe of the beauty that lay before me. Not to mention that the dancers were all in sync like binary code. But they wern't merely 10101010110101010101010110. They were beautiful in the outfits they wore and the lights hit their complexion and drew beautiful lines on their skin.

Also, the music was brilliant. Overall it was just so damn beautiful. I need to go to more dances. And I need to play more chess.

Hopefully I can make the chess pieces dance as much as those breathtaking dancers did on stage. But maybe I can relate what they are doing to the board.