Darkness shrouds the castle.

Jan 3, 2013, 10:51 AM |

What the hell is it?


The terror that struck Neil Pillman was unbearable. It was  a cold winter in 1800's. The wind howled and knocked a cragily tree branch over. Neil and his family sat down for dinner. His wife glistened in the light her skin reflectant . His daughter Emily was as grand as ever. A large succulant bird covered the table. Mash potatoes and carrots garnered the main dish.

 A doorbell rings. "Mom, answer the door please."  Emily said.

"Emily, don't be so rude when to attend to the company." her mother urged.

The room got cold as the bell rang. Pillman looked up to see a dark force run 3 times around the room and say Pillman. It was as the life force was purged from the room. What was this dark mysterious force? Where had it been conjured or perhaps made?

In a split second the lamps were turned on and all the family lay dead except Pillman. Those terrifying screams echoed throughout the glorious mansion.

The blood stained Neil's heart and the hurt was unbearable. He cursed all the gods and vowed vengance on the dark force.

Fast foward to the 1800's where pillman is now.

"I have looked far and wide for the dark force with out any preservation." he cried. Where will I find it. Where will it be next."

He knew that in his heart something terribly wrong was abound.