Ever wonder

Nov 21, 2011, 8:54 PM |

I know I use a lot of creativity in these blogs. It really just has to do with what is on my mind.

And right now it is...

  Halo, Nope. As if that wasn't a fragmented sentence in which it definitley was. Let's pull it together sandwiches. You can do it. Okay, so what was on my mind is imagining if you the audience were a chess piece.

What would you be?

My answer may come from the ablity to move fast on the board. I guess at this moment in time I would be a rook. Listen to it flow off the tongue. R-O-O-K

It sounds pretty balla to me. Oh yeah! I failed to mention I love to infuse slang in the everyday vernacular. So then have at it what would you be if you were a chess piece?

Tell me. I am waiting...still waiting...no response well then I can't wait all day.

What I can do is read your responses as soon as you formulate them.