Frozen tundra frozen snowman.

Feb 26, 2014, 12:44 AM |

A snowman sat on a frozen tundra.

The winds whispered and were dully harsh. The snowman didn't have a name but the winds swept across the tundra. It was so cold the snowman didn't freeze but his snowman veins were steeped with icicles. The tundra didn't produce anything.

Once in a while the snowman would walk to a snow patch. Yes, flowers had once bloomed here. Lillies that were radiant to all that came near. Roses that were blood red and represented war. White daphidils graced the locals. Yet all were locked in heavy ice.

The snowman lived in a snow cave. He did ocassionaly wonder about life before the great strife. The great war between the Yetticans and the Snowmen. It lingered oh so long as it would last a  1000 years. Snowmen people lived happily in the lakes to the West and East.

Scavenger hounds were acclimated to the cold. The frigid temperatures brought on cold howls in the dead of night. The snowman didn't care. He did make friends with a scavenger hound. Yet when this scavenger hound was a pup he almost faced death. He was able to stave off death when the snowman resued him from a Galbazzer beast. They were nasty. They'd only attack scavenger pups left in the wild. They had souless white eyes and were as large as Yetticans but way more agressive. If they smelt a hound they'd lash like a Diamondback snake. They were more agile then some would think.

These were different times. The snowman went into his cave and put on a pot of gravuian tea. A purplish tea made from smashed gravuian berries. When squeezed it looked like purple marmalade but it soothed the soul. The snowman pat the pup and looked at the scavenger hound. He had called  him Garrit the pup. Garrit from the pet was all tuckered out, he gave a cute little yawn and let sleep come over him. The snowman looked out his window. Winter would not go away and would stay forever in the villiage Garthuskia.