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I dream of League of Legends
Photo by: Paula Daniƫlse

I dream of League of Legends

Jan 2, 2018, 10:34 AM 0

Finally, I can remember a dream.

I will probably post another dream that I had. But this one was definitely sort of odd. I woke up just 3 mins a go out of this dream . All though, periodically I was waking up. Anywho I was at a massive League of Legends tournament and locals were playing. SK was no where in sight. It was weird because this was also a fucking class reunion. So it was a split level room. My classmates gathered on metal bleachers and I am sure there was a food place around the corner.  Popcorn or some other food was in the air. But this might be a reoccuring dream. Because I went to the top of the goddamn aisle and was sliding down almost hitting everyone's Mountain Dew cans. Then I started crawling. But middway in the dream there was someone who was not a classmate that was shit talking me. Telling me that I was shittalking here the other day. Her name was Rose. But someone from my other school mentioned I was  a big shit talker. So the real classmates got fucking upset. I thought  I was just going to isolation and leaving but instead I got like 5 straws and put them in the wrong recycling container. And I was approached by Rose and she told me I was a horrible person. And I told her how the fuck can you have a double standard, people make mistakes. I woke up as I deposited the straws.

Happy to be able to remember the dream. Very happy!


From last month I remembered a couple but not my average. Next dream writing coming to a blog near you! 

Dream on!

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