I Fight Dragons

Dec 24, 2013, 12:49 AM |

No, not the band and this won't be a condensed song.

I mean not a song but a post.

Where are my fucking manners? I always, always, always, loved Knights. They are historically from the medieval period. Except, some History buff may correct me. Let them.

That's why we have so many different people in our lives. Some to tell us that wasn't a claymore but a rapier. Or that it was indeed a Claymore but it had some jewel encrusted handle. Or the handle wasn't even jewel encrusted. It was just a malleable metal that would be the hilt as they call it. They being back to square one. They being the historians.
Which I truly admire. We are steeped with more history than we will ever know. Knights are not only valiant but they are bad-ass. I love knight movies, knight art, knight weapons, knight helmets.

It is something that I was born to adore. I love history. So why didn't I marry into some historical knight class? I dunno. I went the journalistic route instead.

Knights aren't only cool they are all in a historical context. Nobody made them up. They didn't just appear from an alien spacecraft with purple lights. They fucking exist in history alongside pirates and ninjas.

The medieval period in history is amazingly interesting. It wasn't a flourshing time and many were depraved. The dark ages weren't a time of brilliance. It was a time of untolerable darkness and other worries. It wasn't a great time at all. It was a shit time.

People during that time, nay peaseants, were probally bored as shit.

Although if you look on the internet, you the reader. Hey,you! Keep reading this is the interactive part. Go research. To be a knight took many a steps. Even then if you were able to protect that honking-fucking armour would weigh you down. Sure all of this is known. Heavy armour equals a weighed down knight. Plus, you're swinging a great big sword with ferocity. Not any easy task if you ask moui.

Don't ask me. Ask history. For presevation of history is damn important. Knights had to not only have bulky armour but the weight wasn't enough of a bother, the damn horses would be. Yes, they armoured their steads to kick major ass! Yes, horseback riding was a skill and still is.

I hate horses and would fail as a knight. We the audience can glean that Knights were brave as hell. Fighting on horseback and swinging large swords. FUCK YEAH! ----albeit they didn't fight dragons. As my title is highly misleading. That lore was probably bore out of the medieval times. Although, lore is good stuff. Not even stuff really but like a mythos. I really love the story of Arthur.

Everything about knights screams amazing...----to me. Maybe not to you with your Jimmy iPad or your damn iPhone 5. Why? iPhone products? I dunno...because I own an iPod 4. My point being this interest of mine is craziness. I haven't been able to shake not loving knights.

I would devote my whole life to studying them. If it came to that.

The appearnce of a knight is amazing. The helmets, the emblems, makes me want to historically freak out. In a good way. Not some fucking crazy I'll kill you kind of way. No way.  I have drawn only a couple.

I am passionate about history but moreover how Knights existed in those times. Not just the armour but Arthurian Legends and who the knights battled against.

And-------------------I guess you have the Knight's Templar.

Although, we leave that for another time.


HAPPY KNIGHT TO YOU. Yes you the knight on the chess board and in history.