I thinked that I could thunk

Sep 19, 2013, 2:17 PM |

I dreamed of a simplier time.

A time whilst the wind blew and I was carried off on a parasol. Maybe not one of those but a fucking Marry Poppin umbrella with jet boosters of course.

Because after all having propolusion is indicative of flight.

Therfore, I'd sit in a chair pondering the idea of flight. Not the Wright Brothers or the Wrong Brothers but no one.

It'd be an ascent if there is a word like that to the golden heavens. It'd be a lift-off of immense force that would propell me fully skyward. Not Skyward Sword but skyward into the deep stratosphere.

I guess that means a breathing apparatus is dully required. For if it is not then I'd die.

How simple could a time be? As the wind blew and the propolusion spattered away the wind was the wind and the flying craft was obedient. How could a craft be obedient? Nay, it did not have a master but the craft was powered by telekentic-touch. And thus when the craft was powered the jets burst downward like water fire. The whirring and the whinning would mean that is working with full power. And thus it would need a silver and elongated power tube. Another item it would need is a fuel gauge. You can't get to the stratosphere on good looks.






This is what the craft would do is just climb and climb. Then it would just hover above the barren lands and stay stagnant. It would just chill. It would just quiet . The engine if it had one would hum very easily along. The rays of light would hit the craft with immense beautiful golden shots of light. It would dawn on the foremost part of the craft. It would reflect me. It would reflect the simplier times.

....and then without warning some complicated ooze would forever climb to the top of the whitest marble tower. It would slime its way up the tower and fight its way to the craft. Somehow without warning it would attack the craft and extend itself towards it. It at this time had engulfed the tinged gray and beautifully decked out steel craft. Then the blackish-purple-brown ooze would cover all the craft in complications. 

Therfore, somehow the craft was not a simple craft anymore. The ooze dripped off the beautifully crested craft and fell to the earth. Now and only now it was uber complicated. It had a breathing apparatus on the top. It had a plethora of colors other than silver or gray. It had 20 propulsion systems all tethered together.

It even had an engugorgarius-capicator on the rind. In the middle were complicated computer and calculator buttons. An HD display was presented on the front. The craft's transformation was more than I thought, or could have thought.

Did I want a simple time or a complicated time where overthoughts are better than underthoughts. Where calculations were not freeing but constricting much to that of an exotic purple boa. Did I want a time where black and grey coincided? 

I am not sure what I wanted.

All, I knew is it was here.




I love to write and make up a lot of stuff. I just write to practice. I feel that this helps me.


On a side note I am excited for Destiny. I am not sure what to think about Phantom Pain. 
And what's this I hear about coming home or the adventure game when you're in a house.

Either way game on!