It may doth been a while

May 14, 2012, 10:09 PM |

Has it really been a while? I guess so that is why I am typing at this monment in time.

I think a reflection time is in order. After dropping 6 straight down the pooper, I recovered with a two game start up. And last nights win was big. Big maybe an understatement as my thoughts are spilling on to the page--Monkeys.

I beat a 1030 opponent as a 814. It maybe fair to say that ratings don't really make a difference. Skill at this point is the difference maker.

Do  I smell Subway...I digress into a different point. This point is about chess. So anywho skill is important and ratings may just inflate the ego. Whenever, I lose to a good opponent I am thankful for the learning oppurtunity. I see it as a chance to learn. And I hope my opponent was thinking the same thing.
I am no Bobby Fischer but I have got to stay happy with a big win.

Did you ever have a similar experience community?