Nov 9, 2015, 3:25 PM |

His name was Leo and his feet were very sore.

He had no shoes just a name tag draped on his shirt. It was kind of your run of the mill Costco shirt but with no flair. It was bland. Bland as the graven world he walked in. He took off a shoe and then had a stark realization he wasn't wearing shoes. It was a brainfart that suddenly jiggled his mind awake. Though, with most stuff Leo wasn't too worried about it. He rubbed his foot the rawness and swelling indicated he must find shoes. But where?

Casgrove E-Plus was a store he wasn't familiar with. But when all this started he was scared. A world and him? No, there were others but after the Ant invasion of 69' he was 10 times more worried. It wiped out everyone he knew. And in the most generic principles he was left with sore feet. Casgrove had to have boy shoes. It just had to. He had to believe hope and pray about shoes. But as he entered the swinging door there was glass eveywhere. Strewn across the floor was debris coconuts, mellons, stinky apples, peach cans, gruber cans, and alltogether banana seeds. There was a trail but he wasn't going to follow it. Damnit! He was looking for shoes. As he crept slowly his feet stamped into glass. The blood had been cold as it left his foot. FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! He screamed in winces and doses of pain but was able to tear cloth from his shirt. The white cloth would work for a bandage. As if exhausted mentally and physically he came to a conclusion. They were out of shoes.

He walked and hobbled out of the store...