Mycroftian inquistion

Jul 14, 2014, 11:36 PM |

So, you never ever, ever, ever know where your writings will take you.

I am always taken to wondrous avenues, beautiful channels and more importantly the palpable environments. I love going to my imagination for great resoluteness.

Do you ever think about a lot of stuff? Stuff is ambigious as I have mentioned in many a story. Let's clarify childrens. I like saying childrens because it is hilarious. It is just this idea of having an African-American slang that cracks me up. I dunno why. I do however wonder about a lot of ideas and otherwise crazy concepts.

Take Mycroft from Sherlock Holmes. He's just this brilliant edificer. Is that the right fucking word? Maybe not but the principal is what counts here. That Mycroft is a sharp tack! Damn right he is when he's got a brother that's a blooming genius and that seems like an oblivious understatement. I am tripping over my words right now.

Ed Sheeran what have you done to me with your angellicy voice. So we have Mycroft. He's just as clever as Holmes. Is he not? Well, it is Holmes that gets limelight because he's a ballin-ass super detective.

So let's just say Mycroft decides to get himself into some pie conspiracy. One that involves blueberry, dutch apple, strawberry without the Rhubarb. The villian in this instance is some sort of pie smith. Maybe he's just some sort of baker that got angry that a pie didn't come out as well as it could. The crust wasn't flaky and was very black. It was burnt to shit.

So in essence we have a great little setting. Holmes then is tellied by Watson complaining that there's a blooming moron on the loose. He's told that the pie shop, and not meat pies has been burnt to the ground. Guess, that the damn idiot  burnt his pie but lit his pie place on fire. Just imagine deep fire like dragon fire and then some. The place is burnt to the enigmatic crisp. So then you have Watson still telling Holmes there the idiot running around and the Pie Villian Cormugulan. Cuz, why can't you name a villian Cormugulan. The pie conspirator or arsonist just gave Watson a call. Why? Would Watson just say, yeah, this guy is a nut case or would he say Sherlock I implore you to look into this case.

And really what would the clues even  be?

Well for one we have a burnt factory or pie facility. We have Watson telling Holmes about the case. We have a nut on the loose.

So Watson now is telling Holmes about the case. Holmes, just figures the other guy is a loon. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww...but there's more.

The pie loon apparently loves flowers or something. So he goes to a green house with that first burnt pie. He's a bit of a nag that guy. I always make'em portly. But this dude needs to be able to run away a lot. So he's agile. So the building is burnt down and Cormugulan heads for the green house at fifth and Lambert, you to the great Ruby  Chalice observatory...ya know? Anyway, Cormuglan just straight up murdered a plant observer with a knife. And with all villians he just left a calling card. A blueberry pie greets Holmes and Watson. Holmes deduces that the killing did not just happen with a knife. But if you look closer at the edgings on the knife there was an herbicide on it. It was green and very luminescent in color. Holmes whips out a monacle instead of his magnifying glass and looks at the body. There were stragulation marks but they're gone. They're hidden now by a very complex chemical compound that hides scars. Not sure Holmes decides to look over the blue body. He deduces the knife was used to make an incision to the back of the neck. The compounds are sent to the lab. Holmes is at a sandwich shop with Watson as he chews on a celery stick as part of a snack. Yet, the sandwich women bellows. Holmes your silver-fished mayoed sandwich is done. Holmes ask Watson....what about the herbicide on the body.

See he doesn't just work with pies. He's a tad pyscho.

The next murder happens at midday. A psycho killer is purported wearing a Darven pig mask. He cries as he slices all who oppose. This is not the same killer is it. Yet, he murders a poor white cladded...large bosomed women.

There's something strange here as Holmes looks at her ring finger whilst examining the whole body. The ring was brazened and yet there's something peculiar. This time Holmes bring his magnifying glass out. He looks at the ring in particular. Another incision but he notices something odd. There was no blood. Just some weird blue stuff coming out of the wound. Yes, it was an incision but by whom. It seems this killer is different than the pie killer. Who is it?

Holmes tells Watson again to run the sample of the ring to the lab and test for what the blue substance is. 

9p.m. Holmes gets a ring from the lab. His tele yells something very loud and crackles. Holmes goes down to the lab and asks forensics what they've found. Forensics Shirley Staplen says it in fact a strong synthetic blue paste to cover up blood traces. Staplen also mentions this synthetic blue stuff is found in common toothpaste. Though, it must not be that common.

10:30p.m. Sherlock is at his flat when his phone rings. It is Watson a third murder has occurred. What could it be this time. Watson already at the scene says this happened near the Wilshirre Dock. Watson asked local authorities if disturbances were reported. The Scotland Yard reported loud noises between the hours of 10-and 10:30p.m.    This body was fairly bloated again. Something again odd was found. Holmes examined the body for perhaps sign of a struggle. He looked deeper at the body. Oh so deep. He deduced that through his sherlockian-awesomeness that there was something in the mouth. Looked like swelling but it wasn't swelling. It was dried out strawberry pie. Sherlock deduces from some crumbs leading to the ocean that the victim was force fed strawberry pie. They were dealing with a sick fucker. Yet, there was a pattern in play. Sherlock puts on white gloves and picks up a tube and a funnel four meters away from the body.

Sherlock new without a doubt where the next murder would occur.

Do you?

On with it then. Get on with it then.

The next morning Watson and Holmes sit in their car. They're at the corner of Blueberry and Datask. I almost said Datsik. So fucking close. Sherlock eats a crumpet whilst Watson reads the paper. The murders are published. Just as they both look up a discreet pie maker walks through the front door. He's in blue Adidas pants and has sweat dripping from his brow. He's got red hair like a ginger. He's got red Saucony's and is short of breath. Holmes watches with his binoculars for what he does next. He holds a gun to a baker's head demanding a recipe. The baker obliges and gives him a yellow piece of paper. Holmes and Watson can't make out what it says. Holmes and Watson run out of the car. Sherlock is armed with a .38 special and Watson armed with a .45. Both diverge on the bakery. When they arrive the baker wet himself. The baker tell Holmes and Watson that he just ran away with the recipe. An explosion errupts and Holmes and Sherlock are tossed like rubber chickens hitting the pavement. Holmes and Watson recover and try to chase down the perpatrator. Yet, they did figure out the pattern, Blueberry, Dutch Apple, Strawberry. This was not the only thing the pie maker did but it was an acronym for something. BDAS? Holmes and Watson pondered what BDAS meant.