Oct 9, 2014, 10:42 PM |

Not to be a narcissitic nelly but I am wondering about living in your own world.

Sometimes to have a re-integration into society we need to coax ourselves into the belief we matter.

So by all means go all out and just treat yourself amazing for a day. I mean I have to deal with so much shit at my house. My bro on the average is a dick. My sister just fights with me and calls me loud. My parent's betrayal has been linked to moving my shit around and not holding promises.

So fuck yeah. A day away from society in some narcissitic cavern is not horrible. It is awesome! The reason being is you can find yourself outside the convents of a sophisticated society, with systems and laws.

Somewhere outside the bounds of it all. No transendence required.

Let Narcissims take hold once in a while. Sometimes I think my world is better than society. I get a lot done there. I just wonder about how to put a balance on it all. I like society but sometimes it ain't meshing with me. I just overall think differently then what society constructs.

Something  to think about.