Not angry and everyone loves coffee

Jan 14, 2015, 1:08 PM |

Coffee ah yes a great awesome drink. Awesome because when you start fizzing with all that caffeine you're alert.
Huzzah! Oh fuck! How many cups did I have?
Was it the dark roast or the medium roast?

A blur kinda and you're not in a tizzy but you just let the coffee take over. I think for me it is about a 7 cup limit. And when you stretch to 7 that is super high.
So high you could probably walk through walls like a wispy poltergiest. One that has seen and lived a lot.
And with that your alertness begins to peak and you have the smell of oh say Wolverine.
Let's go bub! I mean why would that catchphrase drift into your cerebellum and bounce around into your cortex. You were never hooked up to anything aside from the deep black recesses of the coffee.

People turn into slimey worms and you wonder was it the Joe. Or was know the infinitesimal realities blended together with that last slip. There was no coma. There was  only you.

GURRRRRRRRRLP! GURRRRRRPL! You just keep fucking speaking gibberish because this coffee force has otherwise confused and consumed you. The smells don't dampen but grow hella stronger with every sniff. A girls perfume dangles in the air invisibly able to smack you with a floral aroma.
Your senses are dulled kind of. Not heightened. Because you can't fucking leap off buildings like the one they call Spider-Man. No, you're not coffee man and this trip or you think it is a trip....----suddenly ends with you crying./...???? Wow, that is completely odd that tears stream down your face and you say fuck it all.
You do decide to try to climb a building with the aspirations of attaining something as you call freedom. Breaking free was your mantra and not a code. This wasn't the matrix and you were just at a diner. This was reality and you're stuck into it. What's this as you start scaling the building your hands get stuck to a Donnie Darko clear substance. Was this timex that could port you from dimension to dimension. You fall off the building and the clear substance grabs you.