Running from gun shots: A dream experience

May 20, 2015, 6:53 PM |

Darting away from bullets in real life is probably beyond terrifying.

But dreaming about people trying to gun you down makes no sense to me. What did I do to the world? Why do they want to hunt me?

We delve further in and find this was a dream I had yesterday. Experts, are always saying to record your dreams. And as I have experienced it is super important. On top of all that, we have to look at why the hell in a couple of months span this keeps happening? Who has a vindictive attitude to me and wants me offed?

I have no idea but this dream opened up with bullets flying by me. I was running for my life in a park like setting and was horribly concerned as the bullets got closer to me. What was I supposed to do? I didn't see who was shooting at me was the weird thing as I darted in an out of the barrage of fire. Moving like a goddamn Zebra running away from a terrifying an severely terrifyingly , shockingly, quick lion. I kept running and I am not sure I found an opening. No where really to run. Until, I ran for it down the stairs as fast as I could. Then the posse or whoever it was were still firing. These guys had unlimited ammuniton. A gun can't have that much ammo in it. For every shot there was a burst and for every burst it was a six shot burst. I think the interesting thing was I instantenously found a p-33 and tried to shoot back. I missed all of them and just kept running. I was able to finally get out of there. So as I am down near the steps running my ass off I think I was cornered. But then I transported with them shooting at me once more. I think I finally got up and it was 6a.m.


What in the blimey fuck? Why in a couple months time these shooting dreams, they just taunt me. I am not sure. I am sure I play a lot of First Person Shooters, and maybe that's why? Or maybe not.