Should I move there? The defense and the beast

Feb 20, 2012, 8:35 PM |

Should I move there I think. I do. Whoops, that was a bad go. Let's try again and this time move this there and uh huh. Okay, now we are getting the hang of it.

I ponder about the already in-place defensive strategies that are present. Especially, when black is being played because that color is one I don't play all the time.

Normally, I am very damn content with playing white. But alas, I guess I could stand to play black. I am wondering if I can make my own defensive strategy or is there one that Grand Masters use? I still ponder because now I am curious at the preset chess defenses there are.

Sometimes I can conjure up a pretty mean defense based on the circumstances but sometimes not.

Is it good to doubt your defensive strategy? Does that make us human?