Sometimes I think I wonder about scary images

Jan 29, 2016, 1:35 PM |

After having finished the videogame Bloodborne for the PS4. For some reason the H.P. Love-craftian business I saw was all together disturbing.

I mean the brain of Mensis? What the hell is that? It just looked at me. I have read some Lovecraft and maybe I am called to read more. I recently picked  up the Dark Half from Stephen King. Maybe I need to watch more horror movies and delve into the untapped horror genre. I am not sure. But I do watch a lot of unsettling stuff. I just for some reason in the night pictured something running at me. A women just bee lining it towards me. It got me thinking about shadow people from Art Bell. I mean it isn't wonderous but at least it is something to think about. The terrified people maybe feed on this imaginatory -type stuff. But what if it isn't imaginationary -stuff. What if it is real. Yeah, illusions and hallucinations exist but some of this stuff is too real. Well, yeah I should be reading more horror but is it good for me ? I think the cathartic nature of it all can be great because of the high release of endorphins and adrenaline. Iam not sure though.