The cave?

Jul 24, 2017, 8:28 AM |

There was a cave and Geralt Brodmire not to be confused with the Witcher was walking in solace.

He dropped something. Yes, it was a green coin that allowed him to visit and barter in the furlong markets. But this time as always his clumsy fingers dropped the damn coin and it rolled in a cave.  He chased it down and splashed into the shallow water howling for it. Much to his chagrin it was no where to be found. "Damn, you coin." he said. "Why have you forsaken me here!" he uttered.  He could smell the village burning of lamba sausage. It was a crisp and clean smell but there was burning that was sensed through his nostrils. Poppy-cock he had presumed because he was hell bent on finding this coin.

Though, he stammered further he could smell the dampness of this black cave. There were no markings on the wall as he thrust further. He was not armed with much. Not even a latherean dagger. Not even a regal dagger. Was he a regal man? Or was it the dagger? Or the man? Or the dagger? Why did he placate the issue further. "Damnit!, it would seem to me that this coin is so far gone that it would be deeper than the destined forests. And I am far off from the destined forests ." he said. 

With most caves they drip. This one was very large but had one torch lampern flickering on and about. The light would flicker and then stop. But Brodmire continued his fit and just kept walking through the cave. Ah-ha. He remembered venturing when he was younger with his family...who were alive...yes alive to the market. Yet, he remembered something else. As was Jack in the Bean stalk with the tale of magic beans. This was far more ordinary. They were these purplish monkey paws which revealed eyes? Yes, that was it septitude eyes. Far more rich than the last. His parent's bought him these eyes and there were four of them. Yet, yes this is what he had with him. He pulled out one eye and held it up He-Man style and said "Nuturto vortex heblem ishi van ish herblem vertas truxtas." which for our sake is gibberish. But goddamnit it worked the eye awoke and illuminated the cave with fervor. 

Was his journey to begin?

And who was this Geralt Brodmire?