The darkened road

Sep 24, 2012, 12:19 PM |

So just an update I am a fighter.

The newest thing I have had to fight is a community college. They fucked up my transcript. They sent an empty one.

So I had to go and talk to them and sort it out.

I was blamed.

What the hell?

Yeah, I missed some window that I was unaware of.


But that didn't sour my day because I am a fighter. Not a boxer, just a fighter with something to prove, that something?

It is the ability to fight through adversity and other bullshit. My character is very strong and my resolve is strong. I am going to do this.

Yesterday was a blast. I woke up and didn't brush my teeth but had a day off. I met with my friend Hyoni or we shall call her Molly. Molly asked me to pick her up at six. Well, she didn't ask for me to pick her up but to meet her.

So I got to the University of Wyoming pretty fast and had to meet a friend. Yeah, that crept up on me because I needed to meet the friend for a project.

Molly told me to wait for her so I did. Except before I went to get her I decided to play some NCAA 13. I played my game and got whooped bad. I decided to peace out and go get her. By this time it was 6:28. I was so late and I freaked out because I have never really hung out with Molly.

So now the time was 6:35 or so and it seems that time wasn’t on my side. Either way it was no big deal and we all figured it out and jumped into my car. Well, I didn’t jump into my damn car because I was already there.

So then what happened was a couple of anthropomorphic cows decided to eat some green grass—not at all. Damn and here I was rooting for the anthropomorphic cows and there cool attitudes. Anyway what happened was we went to a Thai restaurant and had some good food. What food you ask? I had sweet and sour chicken and vegetables, Molly had pad thai, oh and my friend KYLE MOO COW had um….some food.

It was time for us to leave the restaurant. Oh and before we entered the Thai place the sun was burnt across the sky in an orange burn. It was beautiful.

I dropped off Kyle. Molly said “Do you want to go to a bookstore.” Reluctantly I said “Yeah, that would be neat but all the bookstores may be closed.” We chatted for a bit about how she liked the violin and how her love of books was overwhelming. I loved listening to her talk about books and the violin.

The night almost seemed to stop dead when she talked about the books. But as clever as I am I don’t like to be bored so we did something. I told her we should go for a drive.

We headed deep into the dark in my white Hyundai Elantra, there was nothing but desolate land and darkness. If a candle was lit in the middle of that place an illuminated glow would shine throughout. It would be bright, oh say as bright as a flare on a darkened highway. The wind was smacking the car but not bothering me. She would chime in with conversation that talked about Korea and certain cultural things. She would say in Korea that there was a really awesome high school she went to. I would be intrigued throughout the night.

The drive kept going and my car kept going and all a sudden a single deer popped out. “Oh fuck” I screamed. I hate deer because I have had a bad time with those bastards. Onwards and upwards I looked at the deer, and the damn thing looked at me. I yelled at it and said “You bastards get outta the way,”

We continued the drive up to the top of a windy road. I felt we were way from town and decided to turn the car around. Before we had arrived at this point she talked to me about zombies. I got an awesome chill as she said wouldn’t it be cool if we ran into some. She kept making me laugh all night. And then it hit me—no not a deer but I was having a blast. Not only this something else had happened she kept talking and I was listening. I always listen but I was listening fairly intently.

Darkness shrouded the corners of the road and my high beams shined through the darkness. “My friend committed suicide.” she said. The words attacked me viciously as if fifty knives had been shanking me since birth.   To just meet this person and to have her say something of serious magnitude shocked me. I tried to console her. “I am sorry that happened have you talked to anyone about it?” She looked at me with regret and said no. I was still in a stunned mood but she would later divulge she had no one to talk to.

It saddened me.

Why? I mean as humans we have emotions that drive us and I was sad by the news.  I told her about my grandma that died three or four months ago. The mood had gone from happy cheery, to dreadful in a matter of seconds. I tried to calm the situation by suggesting that she find some music.

“Death is a part of life and doesn’t faze me like it used to.” I said with a calm tone.

She was still sad.

We made our way back to town and I dropped her at her dorm.

“I had a really great time.” She told me. I said “I did too.”

I left the parking lot and went back home.

It was a really fun night but I didn’t expect a talk of death on only the second meeting. I feel that she is really awesome but needs friends. She just got to the USA a couple months ago and needs people to talk to. I invited her to coffee hour but I don’t know if she will show.