The doorway to nowhere

Jul 16, 2012, 2:38 PM |

A portal greets you. No I guess this isn't the same as Valve's acclaimed Portal but it is neat. The portal hovers above the ground and is an all black room.

Next door to the black room is a white room, a yellow room, a blue room and green. You the portal user have to go through one which one?

Here are the outcomes as well. If you go through room 1 you have to run into a monster named Malforgien. Malforgien is a delightful creature and will ask you three questions.

The second room or the white room contains water that fills up the room. The only way out of that room is on a paper boat which will put you in the black room.

The next room features a large room with Mike Posner's "You think your cooler than me" on repeat. There is also a creature called a hermetote. All the hermetote wants to do is mess around. He will ask you to chase him through a mouse maze, if you find Jim the Hermatote you gain freedom. If not he is bound to make chocolate chip cookies from his balagaruti oven.

The green room features a lazer tag -esque room which will make you jump with glee. The only catch is you have to play lazer tag versus an army of Tiki-men. If you beat them you are awared a legendary key that will unlock a cage. The cage contains a canary named Mr. Fizzle. Mr. Fizzle will turn into a gigantic bird and the rafters will open up and you can fly back to the black room. Also, Mr. Fizzle will give you an orb. This orb can be called upon at anytime and any dimension.

Which do you choose? As ridiculous as these rooms are choices are important. I think you know  where I will go with this. Yep, choices aren't just important in chess but life.

How neat would it be if these rooms existed?