The Five Year Wait

Jun 7, 2017, 9:43 PM |

5 years is a hard time to learn that and understand that I surreptitiously wanted to watch the Wire.


Though-- I am a taut believer in this idea of time. I feel like the right time is imperative to something and anything.

Throwing big words at you may actually scare you off.


The fact of the matter is time to finally FUCKING WATCH THE WIRE. With me trying to finish the Leftovers and Mad Men whilst going to school has been a FUCKING CHALLENGE.

Starved for time is the hardest idea to grasp.

So many shows but now is the day!



So I can't wait for the very first episode of the Wire. My sister told me in 2012 . In fact, I was in college at the University of Wyoming, in my room and she called me and always told me to watch the Wire. There it sat on my external drive. But tragedy befell me early last month when my hard drive was fully erased due to an uncalculated big fucking error... one that has me angry but I build years if not 10 years of content back together .

Watching the Wire will give me solace.

And yes it is the build up ...but I have patiently waited to watch it and thus the post tonight.




Thanks for reading as I venture forth into the Wire.