The Long Walk

Jun 21, 2017, 10:20 PM |

Drifting in and out of conciousness.

On a black planar level and running up to this foreign land.

    Fraught with red geysers that drip lava and shoot molten, the coarsing of hot fire beneath.

 --And then...a hot white flash lights up the dimensionality between our world and theirs.


Bam! Right smack in the middle of pearlesque animal statues and heads of all shapes and sizes. Human or otherwise but vesped in between circular arrays of light.

Golden and white light and angelic choruses?


This other earth , this dimension intermixing with the heavens above. And then massive yellow-gold shields that tower over beautiful and plentiful aqua jet blue waterways? Paradise. But Anubis heads surround this pantheon. And in the basking courtyard sets a figure. 

Friend or foe?

To futuristic but oddities exist here. In this space place. It does not flinch and looks beyond time. Maidens bathed in blood recieve oranges that fall from a sun kist sky that opens up to new light. And then silence.

A fast array of angels clacking their bronze shoes on the ground. But their heads are different. They are all moose headed. Yet, the figure is in a continuous and perptual point.