The moon isn't harsh

Apr 8, 2014, 2:47 PM |

The moon is here.

We live here. We live in Colony 2557. I am not from here.

I am from NY. When I left it was raining. A large downpour hit the lower Queen streets. It rained so hard that day. Surprisingly the sun peeked through some off-shoot clouds.

I am constantly drawing the moon. She isn't a harsh mistress as Heinlen has stated. I am an avid reader but drawing is my number one forte. I draw with a hollow-bography pen. A special pen to really draw on tenetion board, shadow board and shocker board. All of these boards are perfect for what I do. I draw in chamber 76 . In this place I get the best shot of the moon. The moon is beautiful because of just the sheer mass. It is enormous. We are but one colony. I drew the moon yesterday and even inclued a metorical barrage. I saw an asteroid the other day. I am not from here.

Here on the colony we run into other various speices of you guessed it aliens. Yet, we think of them as our brethren. We are allied with a large amount of species. The Black Ningus are very steel armoured aliens. They cary photogras pistols. When the pistols hit they produce a very condensed green beam. When they walk the ground shakes like large heard of elements. We have more cereberal brans. These are just jelly looking creatures with clear purple eyes. They are kinetic. Netic is the term we use for them. They have yellow appandeges and can read minds. The other guys the morks, they are crazy agile. I once saw one in the growth chamber jumping around collecting tomatoes. They're obsessed with them. They can just smash the tomatoes with their large hooves and make ketchup. What is Earth ketchup to us is actually a protein paste for them. They always add a goddamn spice that stinks like decaying goat.

Yes, I feel like I am supposed to be here. The year is 3037 and we aren't as technologically favored as we should. Sure we have weapons and starships but nothing to fancy.

We get along and harvest trees. We have several servers that are blue but they produce 02 through all the air vents. We have to breathe damnit! There are green carrots in the harvest chamber. We cross breed tomatoes, carrots, potatoes and greens. There are blue carrots.

The light in the chamber where I draw refracts like the light hitting off of the Empire State. It is highly immaculate. There are a lot of shadows in the room. The light cuts through to my shadow board as I draw.