The new BCS standings

Nov 11, 2012, 8:09 PM |

The BCS standings have rolled around and who is #1?

After #1 Alabama fell in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to #15Texas A&M it is time to recognize what is going on.

It was gigantic that Alabama lost because it shuffled things in the BCS nicely.

Therefore, the new #1 is the Klein led K-State Wildcats out of Manhattan Kansas. Coming in at #2 are the Oregon Ducks, #3 is the Gold and Navy blue team from me the dreaded Fighting Irish.

And if you are a Tide fan then they fell just to #4. Well, yeah they have had one loss and that is very interesting.

I forgot the rest of the BCS standings for other teams.

Perhaps it could be the Quackers versus the Manhattan kids. Or maybe something might happen next Saturday.

Who the hell knows?

This is a crazy college football year.

I an done watching my CU Buffaloes (1-9) for some time now. I haven't watched them out of sheer embarrassment. My other team the Michigan Wolverines are ranked either 21 or 22. Either way I am happy for the Wolverines.

It takes a lot to let the back up come in and play some great pass and catch.

Moving along is the other teams that are being left out of the BCS title race.

Are the Scarlet Knights getting any love in the polls?

What are your thoughts?


Oh and in chess I have been getting beat by 1000 or more opponents.

It has been tough games almost every week.