The Nightmare at East Rutherford

Feb 2, 2014, 10:12 PM |
The Nightmare at East Rutherford
The SuperBowl was set the dust had settled.
I was in full Broncos gear. An old Rod Smith replica jersey and a 1998 Denver Bronco Super Bowl hat.
Hut-hut-hike Manning saw the football go over his head in to the end zone. Safety. 2 -0 Seattle Seahawks. This is not what we Denver fans had expected. 2 became 5.
What in the fuck Denver? This wasn't the same team that showed its teeth against the New England Patriots.
 "FUCK!" That's what I wanted to blurt out but there was kids around. I was saying son-of-a bitch and goddammit under my breath. My hat was off most of the game because my head was ashamed of what was happening. It was a goddamn nightmare.

Denver was down 22-0 at the half.
Could Manning engineer drives and win the Super Bowl?

 The short answer is fucking no.
The offense was punished all night. Manning threw two interceptions.
It was hard to watch . Beyond it. Denver just fell apart. Seattle's hard hitting Richard Sherman and company obliterated the hope of the Denver faithful.
And for fuck's sake what were the fans watching?
This wasn't football. It was sheer dominance. It was a big wrestler fighting a puny one.
Denver could not sustain momentum through out the game. Decker wasn't targeted most of the night. Knowshown Moreno was hurt. Sherman was now hurt. It wasn't a battlefield. There was no give, only take from the Seahawks.

What in the fuck Denver?
 A prolific season doesn't mean shit if you don't win the SuperBowl. Statistics don't mean a can of fucking beans if you don't hoist the Lombardi.
It was now the late 4th quarter and Denver was on life support. The end would be near and Denver would be obliterated 43-8.

Questions always surface.
Why did the D fall apart?
Why didn't the fucking special teams tackle?
Why shitty play calling?
Denver lost as a team.
I say this with a heavy heart. It was a shit show.
No positives came out of this game but a deep sting Denver won't forget, a painful sting that will leave them thinking what if?
What if we had drives? What if we didn't fumble?

The one's that don't say what if hoist the Lombardi trophy.

Denver as it stands now has a lot of question to answer. Plus, it now proves once again the #1 defense can stop the #1 Offense as it always has.
Denver's Champ Bailey will probably retire. The Broncos probably will make the playoffs but not the SuperBowl.
The team will look different next year.

And yet through all this anger and high frustration.
I will still wear orange and blue. Real fans don't quit on their team. Elway has two SuperBowl rings. He has a lot of Super Bowl losses. Denver is a team of perseverance. They won't stop and will remember that sting, which won't go away until they hoist the shiny Lombardi trophy on their shoulders.