The portal

Dec 5, 2012, 8:42 PM |

The Portal

There was a portal but where did this lonely portal lead?

Subconscious is always a very interesting area to look at.

I just watched the movie Being Jon Malkovich.

At first in the movie we are greeted by a puppeteer.

What is a puppeteer? A puppeteer deals with marionettes and the act of moving.

The movie dealt with so much more.

It was extremely surreal. You know when you are just sitting there and time slows because everyday life essentially is what is known as doldrums. I mean not to say that life is boring.

Because it does not matter life is supposed to be  a journey and  joyous.

Ever heard of living in the now?


As I have written previous writings before …are we in a dream? The Wachowski Brothers explored this very concept. Well, technically now it is a Wachowski and a Wachowskiess. Either way think about it?

Ponder…pitter patter that brain matter inside your head and make your own analysis.

Portals can often breed some sick stuff. Sometimes they can lead to hell, an alien planet, another dimension.

The unknown is friggin amazing.

The unknown should be reveled in with meticulous curiosity.

I highly encourage everyone to see the surreal experience that is Being Jon Malkovich.

In some ways the film challenges us as individuals to stay in curiosity. To experience what it means to actually look through someone else’s eyes.

Ever thought you could jump into that hot girl’s head and figure out how to read her? Or how about that person you really admire. And the thought is that you could spend one day in their head.

How would it be?

Would you go shopping? Or are you rich enough to go joy riding through Paris?

Or do you have enough money to buy a yacht? Or how bout you are helping out an orphanage.

Being someone else is mind boggling to comprehend.

Well, we can comprehend it but we can’t be in side someone else’s head.

Or can we?