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The rabbit on the clock

Jun 20, 2015, 9:57 PM 0

Suddenly, you are a rabbit. You are tied down to a clock with nowhere to go at all.


What the hell? How am I rabbit?

I dunno. Just roll with it.


This is not conundromous but you do understand that there's a priest over there with erudytic knowledge, right? 


He has a purple cloak. Something you've seen out of a Harry Potter movie or some blackened silk he found and wore. So now you the rabbit are just wiggling your goddamn bunny nose in anticipation . How did you ever get here? As far as you fucking knew you were in a golden cage with 4 kinds of locks.


So now how did you transmogrify into this cage?  Were you human? As far as you knew you could not recall the memories. Did you want to? Did they hurt . Did you have an empathetic reaction to your own life? Cagey...heheheheh...not really. I think that bastard with the purple hood put you here. Against, your own will. You're a rabbit for chrissakes. You didn't do anything to not deserve this, did you?

There may have been that time where your MASTER said eat the carrot. It wasn't a carrot it was a silicone-plexed gold nugget magical carrot. Yet, you were fucked! You ate it and didn't understand the devilish consequences as they occurred. You were worried as shit. There was no way you would not be the same rabbit. Not now and not ever. You were changed slightly. Did I mention you had an orange tinge on your back and that you were actually an ebony rabbit? Left out that bit did I?

What a tosser I am.


Yeah, you have a great looking ebony coat. You don't have regular eyes either . You have such blue and souless eyes it looks like your rabbit-ass is almost comatose. They are cloudy like sub -Zero yet they emanate a large blue flame. What happened to you? Who  is that man in the purple robe?

Is he friend or foe?

Who are you?

You realize that orange tinge has something to do with a machine you see in the immediate distance. It whirs, hisses, kicks and sibilates. Yes, a new word for you...one that means what you think it means. Yes, hiss. That's it machine. Hiss. The steam comes off the top and you shudder on the clock. Did that machine do something to you?

          You see through your cloudy eyes the machine like a cappuchino compactor stamp wooden stamps. Odd, wooden stamps, shouldn't they be metal? Stamps of this caliber are metal not wood. It worries you greatly. You're still in terror as the clock isn't moving. You are still wiggling your nose. Your brain is quite tiny but during the transmorgifying process you garnered prowess and intelligence. Yet you're a rabbit so you have no idea how to get off the clock. Maybe the cappuchino compactor with the billiowing stamp machine can help you. A clue perhaps. You're still not sure and still fucking terrified of the machine. Much like a dog will yelp and jump away from a vacuum.  You sit there on the clock thinking about death? Will this be your final call or is there more? You think of a ladel in hot oil and how much pain that would cause. You aren't the ladle. You're a rabbit. Think about it and don't sit there. Try to make something happen. You can do it!


You don't think of a plan because you're exhausted from all the options you thought of. Disable the steam machine. Disable the steam machine.

Disable the steam machine.

Disable the steam machine.

Disable the steam machine.

Disable the steam machine.

Disable the steam machine.

Disable the steam machine.

Disable the steam machine.


You do an om chant and nothing happens. Suddenly, screws fly off the hinges, bolts fire up like volcanoes and the machine breaks down. It has caught fire. Blue fire pours out of each side. The purple robed figure goes over to investigate. You notice a golden killian key. That's your ticket home. Maybe this will help. The purple robe figure is perplexed by why the machine caught fire.  He comes back with some screws and a yellow tool. It looks quite odd and looks like a can opener. Odd. You decide to try something.

Disable the steam machine.

Disable the steam machine.

Disable the purple robed figure.

Suddenly, he looks at the machine and the can opener shoots off the stamp machine and damages his eye. Blood doesn't pour out but black clear fluid. What the hell is going on? Suddenly, you have the courage to bite the tethers that bind you to the clock. You get the hell out of there and speed out in triumphancy.  The purple robed figure tries to give chase but you're a rabbit after all. You're very agile and zig zag to safety. Fuck that black clear fluid guy. He is no good anyway. Though, as you left you just got captured by a green box. Fuck. The box is in a dark black room. You go through the motions about picturing an hour glass ending your life. You see your rabbit life exact vengeance on your being. Were you floating? You weren't dreaming at all. This was reality. You're a rabbit.




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