The radio

The radio

Jan 12, 2018, 8:01 PM |

Inspired by Stephen King and his death machines.


It always started on a dark and stormy night. And this was in Vegas or Reno or somewhere close. She had just turned on late night with George Noory and was really delighted to have something to listen to. Her business trip was making her drive to such lengths. Alas, it was not much of an issue because she drove a lot with her parents in Houston. But you have to digress from this.

The rain beads got sharper and sharper and the wind hit her car a couple of times. I am not sure she was worried about anything. "You're listening to George Noory. (Tonight folks we talk with a true exorcist priest, Father Tenneanbum and what about this night flecks you see in the sky? Well, I will tell you what some theorists truly believe.)

She turned up the station louder. The night grew on and now it was raining bullets. She must have been going 75 with nothing around. It grew colder and she reached for the heat. She was thinking she had to make it to some dumpy hotel tonight. Oh and her name? Well, that is interesting because her name was Athena Tifa. An odd name if you know anything about Greek history. But she was intrigued by the conversation between her and the radio. "Yeah, so Norry you're telling me this priest walked into a house, felt a presence, went ballistic Ecks vs. Sever and ran for it. Contacted another priest via fucking cell phone? Yeah, that is plausible." she scoffed.  She turned up the radio louder from 20-29. The meter ran up on the screen. (So father you are telling me what was in the house was not of this world? (Father Tenneanbum ) There was an unsightly pause...Yeah! I mean we went in the house and felt darkness throughout . Really, not even an idea of what it was. Just satanic darkness. The odd thing was it was told there was something in there. There was paranormal investigators Sebario and Winston that investigated 4 months previous. They reported nothing per EMF and no white noise. So we were inherently skeptical.  Father Mularky had told me to an enact and exorcist rite we'd need permission from the church. I mean George aren't you familiar with the Exorcism of Emily Rose?--George retorts. "Yeah, my wife and I saw the film in theaters with a film buff. Our friend Ronnie Granderson. It was terrifying to us."

Athena got so excited about the program she grabbed the Red Loki from her cup holder and downed a large gulp. But then something happened. Her heart in her chest beat quicker. And introspectively you could see an X-ray's full of her heart in her purple satin blouse. Something was not right. Palpitations started giving way to irregular heartbeats. She gasped and then breathed 1 - 2- 3. She was fine. It was in her head. But the next part was odd.

(Father Mularky) Yeah, what Tenneanbaum was saying was correct. We entered the house on 241 Maple Ave, West Chester Pl, Maine. As we entered the house we observed something sweet in the air. Like a lilac or a lily type smell. It was odd to us because the family never reported such smells. And we tend to think that is a great smell . But it got stranger. The cold gave way to hot spells. You know my wife Linda she tells me she gets very hot night sweats. And I have felt her skin when that occurs and it was sweltering. Not blisters but it is like walking into an oven. Ya, know whatever was in there kept fluctuating temperatures.) (George Noory) "So you're saying there were cold spots but there was also a varying degree of temperatures taking place, there?" "Just bizarre Father Murlarkey and peculiar."

Athena's palpation's ceased. She took another swig of her Loki. She turned her heat up. Just a little bit because now the temperature was dropping like a rock. She was still trying to get to Reno. She was observant of the signage that was posted. Then Father Tenneanbaum 's damp voice reached her ears. "So now we are dealing with unusual smells as Father Mularkey pointed out and weird temps. And so this is the prelim investigation. The family moved back in . They had told us weeks and weeks later something was not right with the animals. They had two cats Siegfried and Dala. They had been pawing at thin air. One was senile and the other was a very large tabby that was super playful. But this was bizarre. They had ya know four kids. Brenda, Maggie, Jessica, Camilla. These girls were a year apart. So we have Maggie who was 3, Brenda 4, Jessica 5, and Camilla 6. And the family told us. We won't say the mom and dad's name. They told us Camilla was not feeling very well. They all attended Mont View St. Blanc Prep in Maine. And the other sisters got worried about her. But the parents told the nurse to take a look at her. She said that the little girl's eyes were fully dilated. So that was strange because the lights were fine. But that night she is sick and running a massive fever. Ya know the human body can only sustain so much heat. We've had doctors look at her for our report as well. They said she was suffering from a very high fever and would have to be admitted. And so George it gets weirder.  They go to St. Peter's Hospital , right. And they admit Camilla and she is tossing and turning but they can't drive the fever down. So they sedate her and finally I forgot what they did. They used some sort of cooling gel on her hands. It dropped her fever. But she spent two days in the hospital...  (George Noory) We will see you on the other side in a couple minutes. You won't want to miss this.

The sign read Hawthorne 44 miles. Athena was getting somewhat ancy but she was comfortable as she continued her trek on that stretch of highway. Nothing else was really apparent. The lights shone the darkness and it seemed like a tunneled vortex. Because it was her car lights and maybe 4 others on the stretch she was on. The stars shone through a black curtain. The moon was bright as ever being as beautiful as children's fairy tale books. The illumination was bright as can be. Athena then listened ever intently in her white Tesla. The engine was silent. And then the scratch a voice came on. (George Noory) For those that are listening we are back. We have been talking about an exorcism case up in Maine. (Father Tenneanbaum) "So Camilla came back to the house . She was feeling spry. She wanted to go outside and play. They live near some very lush trees. She went near the beach and messed around on the sand. The sand in her toes and she washed them with water. Well it must have been maybe 2 or 3 p.m. Her mom hollered for her. Camilla! And no answer. And then she told her other sisters to look for her. Camilla! No answer. They all got scared and told the father and now the father was in on it. So now you have them looking for her. And all sudden they find her towards the dockside and it stinks to high heaven! I mean she has a stick and is prodding a dead seagull with this grin of a demon! It is terrifying so the family , ya know grabs her arm . She is barefoot so her feet are muddy. Camilla intent what she did was fun has some gull blood on her fingertips. She washes it in the sink and it drips down the sink and she is fine. Just odd behavior. So I told Father Mularkey what was going on. He says to me we have to actually investigate the house. And then we can talk with our church and see if this a good route to go.

Athena is now petrified. Her eyes have now widened.

(George Noory) "Father what was the next course of action for this family. And was the little girl --Camilla, growing stranger with time?" (Father Tennanbaum) "Ya know we thought it was unusual with the seagull, we figured she was explorative.  But then more happened. She had  a nightmare 4 days after the gull incident. In which. Her mom heard not just a scream but something an elk would make if it was being brutalized. Her mom goes up the steps. Because her room is the one to the left. And she opens the door. The top of the door says Camilla in all pink. But the paint of the door is chipped and get this, it is melting. She sees her daughter in her Frozen blankets and she is paralytic. Her mom  holds her and hugs her and is in full tears. Then the next morning Camilla is fine. She is not messing with animals. She is fine. She goes to school and comes home. But then fast forward a bit and she is at it again. In the cases we have dealt with the behavior does not fit the person. So we get very worried. And now we take it into our hands. We go through the paranormal reports. We logically and spiritually ask God what is going on. So she is back at school and the teacher is getting mad at Camilla. She is sitting calmly but she is reciting something in full latin. Nervioso en cantate en contragase. And we should know what that is . We know it is Latin. But still not sure. Basically, the rough translation is to be nervous in contest. Which is whatever. But the little girl never learned Latin. So now me and my colleagues decide she is possessed. So now we have to have counsel with the family and say we have to do an exorcism rite. So every time I do one of these God gives us permission. But my skin crawls.

Athena is locked in. She is not willing to change the channel.

(George Noory) I mean my skin is crawling Father. (Father Tennenabaum) So I meet and so does Mularky and we tell the mother and father , your daughter is possessed by a demon. Not the devil but a demon. And we need to ask its name. And yes in the Exorcism of Emily Rose it was fairly realistic. But we had to be prepared. We have sanctified holy water.  We have a very ancient bible and our ritualistic garb. The bibles pages are not fancy gold or silver but rather weathered down pages. We have now told the family we are coming back in the morning to do the exorcism. Normally, the paranormal and even demons thrive at night. But we are extremely busy in the church.

We pull into their drive way oh about 9a.m. The family said they want to be downstairs. So if anything were to happen they can race up the stairs and check. We get there and the cats are both huddled in the corner shivering. All the sisters seem to be near the chairs sitting down eating breakfast, extremely doe-eyed. We have our effects and make our way up the stairs. We tip our hats to the parents and continue on. From the bottom to the top of the stairs it gets Antarctic frigid. Mularkey can see my breath and I his. We open the door ever so slowly and she is lying down in her bed. She softly says "Fathers what are the matter?" And to this we know this to be a hook. The demon will always try to cast you off guard. We begin spraying the walls with holy water and blessing it. We don't really do the Latin thing. We just do our own. Oh we also have an observer documenting the footage named Ron Graber. Ron has his Sony and has turned it to on. Camilla answer first in Latin. But it is not Camilla. Because the voice is deeper. "mors mihi lucrum,mors tua, vita mea" in a darkish tone. A lascivious tone-- We translate it to mean 'Your death my life, death to me is a reward." You'd think she would scream but no such luck. Malarkey continues the ritual of putting water on the wall. We open our bibles. We call upon God to bless this room and for all spirits be they demons or ghosts to leave. Leave demons and ghosts. I bravely decide to observe her. She has regular eyes but there are yellow sores that form under her nails. There are red chicken pox sores that form above her forearms. We are only 5 minutes in.  Okay, demon stop talking Latin and just talk to me or Father Mularkey. Why do you not leave this little Girl Camilla? Camilla "Father, I am fine and well. Father's I should say we are fine and well. And when it says we --we know we have a lock on it. "Fathers, do you know the first of Ball  and of Adramelech, who came before most of these lessers?" We retort. "We were full legion reigning before the one named Jesus. I serve Satan but also a commanding lord Azazel. Father Mularkey, yes but what is your name? Why do you haunt her so?  We say, "Our high prince king Satan wants this world to his own. He wants to darken humanity and give into the desires of man, let them have the desires, so he can have their soul. This girl is but a vessel to more deviant plans. Father Tennenabaum asks "WHAT IS YOUR NAME?"   We say "I am of a lesser demon than Bael or Azazel. Camilla shakes violently-- than haste. She shakes once more. "Fuck your name you fucking asshole god lovers. You're perverted from birth and caked in sin and blood and full dark and tar like sinew. Fuck you! Camilla stops shaking. A thunderous roar is let out "My name humans. My name is of lesser import than you realize. Camilla's eyes turn from a soupy brown to something unnatural. It is as if the cornea has enveloped the whole eye. The brown is now extremely dark black. We say "Our name is ancient in its contextual right. Did you not smell us? Father Tennenabaum "Smell you, demon? We have not smelled-- We say " I chuckle at this hahahhahhahahah--our name is Botis human. "Demon, stop tormenting this little girl...please. We pray upon our lord and savior Jesus Christ. We say "So human, we all know Jesus as Satan himself does." "We are here to deliver a message. That is why we possessed the girl." Father Mularkey "What message is this BOTIS?"

            We say "Mankind will fall from its own treacherous abhorrence . It will fall within full time of the salt clock." Convulsions erupt from Camilla. Everything stops and Father Tennenabum said, "Demon by the name of Botis leave this girls body and by the father in Heaven denounce this demon back to hell from whence it came! Lord bring us an archangel to defend this girl's soul. We call upon Gabriel. And then Father Tennenabaum started trembling from his own insides, he became pale white, but the girl's eyes had turn comatose and from the comatose they were restored back to normal. Her humanity restored and her eyes back to the beautiful coffee colored brown . Norry, it was the worst I have seen , but there was light in her soul. She was restored and the demon fled back to hell. We felt we weren't the ones that saved the girl Camilla, but it was God that did it. (George Norry) One hell of a story. Father's thank you for your time. Coming up next week your dog may be an alien.

Athena started getting anxious but was finally relived the story had closure. Camilla felt a warmth from the story. She kept on the same station. Now Hawthorne was in 15 miles. But now the sign came up faster 10. She changed the channel to a Christian station out of the blue. And then now a country one. The radio beat out "Yer looking for love and you don't have to stop. Yer looking for heartache but I am the one ya got. Yer looking for sorrow but I have my truck. Yer looking for something more than luck."

Athena smiled. Her speedometer read 75 and was increasing steadily. She wanted to get to Hawthorne and was growing tired. Another huge gulp of Loki went down her pipe. She was complacent. She noticed the heat was not what she put it at. Blood started pouring out of the vents. Red in color and vinegary . It had an odd smell to it. Like sulfur mixed with baby food. It continuously poured onto her pants. Athena was so panicked she pulled off the side of the road and freaked out. Not knowing what to do . She reached into her glove box of the white Tesla for a cigarette. It read Camel Lights on the package. She puffed gently and then more fervently. How the shit could blood come out of a vent like that?  She was very worried. She was just fine and it started and what was with her palpitations out of nowhere? After deeply inhaling four times she kicked the cigarette out of her hands, flicking out the ash on the roadway.

She arrived in Hawthorne. Famished she asked the inn keeper if there was any 24hr places. The inn keeper  a portly man with a red hat had told her. "Just McDonalds off 123." She was exhausted; went back to her car and decided to get a room for the night. She took out her black Adidas bag of work shirts and dress pants. She opened up the door read 411. She got undressed and slipped into a white camisole.

            She slept deep and into REM. The cold winds blew and she still remained in a very deep sleep. Gracefully, on the pillow she in her white camisole top and no bottoms. She lie very silent.